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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Media Questions

 Media, since we have your attention now, there are two things we are curious about and the investigative reporters may find newsworthy.  Statements of Economic Interest forms?  So many close to Ana and also involved with Title Marts AKA Performance Auto Sales have filed their paperwork.  Where is Ana's Statements of Economic Interest forms for 2014 and 2015?  They have NOT been filed.  In violation of state ethics laws.  We know she holds the title of High Sheriff but does she think she is above the law or immune to this also?  

Next question for those who can figure things out.  Who can tell us where the money came from that Ana states came from her State of Alabama retirement fund that was invested into Title Marts?  Can this be true?  Early withdrawal from State of Alabama Retirement fund appears to be nonexistent under any means she can claim as an active Sheriff.  Was her statement true?    
Keith Clines of the Decatur Daily has once touched on the story about the retirement money invested into Title Marts before.    

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