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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Franklin's Fiction

Franklin is busy these days playing the pity party, going to Spin City, and lying her butt off about the whistleblowers.  Franklin is claiming that the whistleblowers have been in her house, she fears for her life, we are harassing her, we are stalking her.  We realize we are a thorn in Franklin's side but it isn't because we are breaking into her home or anything else listed above.  Our desire is to oust a dirty sheriff, a corrupt sheriff, a thief and those who knowingly assist her.  We do our part to ensure the Sheriffs Office is held accountable, for the good employees who are there and the citizens that the Sheriffs Office is supposed to protect and serve. That is what our blog is about.  We are not the ones who go into other peoples homes and place of business to collect information illegally.  Our method of operation consists of sitting in an office and conducting research, talking to sources, gathering information such as canceled checks that prove that Sheriff Franklin has been stealing cookies from the cookie jar.  We are not beyond travel to talk to victims like those involved in the wreck Ana tried to cover up, to avoid the drug test or accountability at the Sheriffs Office or both.  We may travel to locate and identify particular vehicles sold by Title Marts.   We do not place keylogger devices or illegally enter anywhere!  These things are limited to the Sheriff and those who do her dirty work.

Our message to Sheriff Franklin is as it has always been.  You lie, you cheat, you steal, and we report the facts.

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  1. Starting with Bones Wilson killing all the dogs who corrupted who? Was it a joint effoert between Bones and Ana or was Ana corupted by listening to Bones?