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Monday, December 5, 2016

Franklin Cries Foul

WHNT 19 News Article Below Blogger Comments:

Blogger Comments:  WHNT 19 does a story finally!  It seems the bigger this gets, the stronger hold Ana was able to have on the local media.  That also seems to finally be coming to an end.  
 How ironic that Franklin wants the case dismissed because of a criminal investigation or immunity? What criminal investigation?  The one where she tried and failed to get warrants on Warden Bradley or the investigation into her having placed keylogger devices / software on both the home and office computer used for this blog prior to any search warrants?  Which investigation is Franklin speaking of?  Does the immunity she speaks of also give her the right to violate constitutional rights and federal law?  Warden Leon Bradley may be under investigation by Franklin, Bones and Robinson but that has proven to be a farce and no warrants can or will be obtained.  
 And then Harassment?  Claiming anyone is involved in a criminal investigation that was targeted by Franklin and her cronies is certainly harassment to those who she set out to try to ruin or torment.  Ana Franklin, no one is harassing you but we are assisting in bringing to light those shortcomings and other things which you will be held accountable for and deceived the public about for so long.  

  Franklin says criminal investigation and yet breaks the law to obtain information and then, in fact she came up way short.  We collect information legally from all the many sources we have giving us details, and solid evidence of Franklin's corruption fraud waste and abuse as well as criminal activity.  This is not harassment but a concerted effort at fact finding and collecting from all our many sources, who know how corrupt it has become.  We pass on any and all information to those who can make a difference.  It certainly is not all shared here on this blog as much of it is too valuable. 

  I would imagine that the immunity Franklin and / or Lovelace ( Billable Barney )  spoke of only go so far in this matter and likely do not extend to the Federal level in many cases.  Franklin spoke of an ongoing criminal investigation.  That certainly appears to be true no matter how insignificant or off base it is, and it has failed miserably on her part.  We don't think by any means the other investigations into this have come up so empty handed as Franklin, Wilson, and Robinson did.  Warden Leon Bradley and / or Glenda Lockhart are certainly not truly the ones Franklin or Billable Barney Lovelace are worried about are they?  

  So, cry foul all you want to! Franklin it's but through great determination and resilience of many, the truth is coming out slowly but surely!  We are gaining steam and the many readers and abundance of information that has come in from so many has taken its toll.  Franklin's tearful pleas to even the jailers are falling on deaf ears. Franklin may ask for her employees support and for them to get behind her but its not happening for the vast majority who are upstanding, devoted and dedicated employees.  The jailers as sheltered in the jail as they are, are seeing the truth as to what is happening also now.  The employees are not as easily susceptible to Franklin's spin as the public and media have been.  The Deputies certainly are not.  What about the foul to the employees of the Sheriffs Office and more importantly the citizens and voters who put Franklin in office?  What about the unlawful actions and harassment to the people of Morgan County in which Franklin was supposed to Protect and Serve.  Yes, even that is ironic in that the entire law enforcement community across this country "protects and serves" but Ana messed that up and it is to serve and protect her interests.  It was pointed out the fact it was backwards but they insisted,  now look at the patchwork on the Deputies uniforms.  Is she doing it either way?  She certainly can attempt to spin and cry foul but that too is not working for all those who know the truth.
  Most anyone close to this knows how to get in touch with most of us, and if the media or anyone wants to know the truth, follow this blog as we will continue to release the information that we can release, as it becomes available.  Hang on folks this ride is getting interesting.

  Also curious why Barney still chooses to say the computers were in the State Forensics Lab.  Wonder if he can clarify this after attempting to mislead a Federal Judge repeatedly about this in court?  The computers never went to the State of Alabama Forensics did they?  Of course they DID NOT as one of them did contain a great deal of evidence or information to incriminate Franklin and others, right?   We know and can prove that most of the computers were damaged or destroyed prior to being turned back over.  State of Alabama Forensics, who Barney claimed had them, would not do this would they?    

  We hope that the Media would be more fair and balanced as they are slowly beginning to catch up.  We realize WHNT 19 reached out to Barney and Franklin but not to the ones Ana Franklin, Bones Wilson and Blake Robinson tried to destroy so much.  The employees can't speak out to the Media for fear of losing their livelihood, but we can for them, to a certain extent.  We have been very careful to protect them all we can and will always continue to do so. As we do with anyone who does come to us.  We are all ready for a new chapter to begin and to get beyond Ana Franklin and her reign over our Sheriffs Office.  We are eager to get all of this settled and out of the way.  Barney said that a civil trial was at least a year away, is arrest a year away also Barney?  Will you continue to represent Ana Franklin on criminal defense also?  Will that be a year away?  We seriously doubt it!   Lots still to come!    

WHNT News Story:  Lawsuit alleges Morgan County Sheriff’s Office political retaliation, dismissal motion filed Friday POSTED 4:17 PM, DECEMBER 4, 2016, BY UPDATED AT 10:50AM, DECEMBER 5, 2016

DECATUR, Ala. -- A Morgan County business owner has updated her lawsuit against Sheriff Ana Franklin and two deputies, alleging they searched her business and left objects damaged in retaliation for a political blog.
The blog, Morgan County Whistleblower has been critical of Franklin and the sheriff's office.
The case's backstory is a bit complicated.
[Read the amended complaint: lockhart-amended-complaint ]
[Read the Sheriff's Office motion to dismiss: defendants-answer-lockhart-lawsuit ]
Franklin has said the business owner, Glenda Lockhart and former Morgan County Jail warden Leon Bradley, are the subjects of a criminal investigation.
No charges have been filed against either Bradley or Lockhart, but the investigation appears to be focused on whether Lockhart was provided Morgan County Sheriff's Office documents by Bradley.
Through his attorney, Nick Heatherly, Bradley denied any wrongdoing.
Heatherly said criminal charges are not appropriate because Bradley hasn't committed any crime.
The federal lawsuit, filed by Lockhart after the Oct. 6 search, sought to get the items returned.
The lawsuit alleges the search and seizure of business records and 14 electronic devices at the Falkville drywall company in October has harmed the business.
The lawsuit further alleges the records and the information on the electronic devices could have been duplicated in a day, but it took 17 days for the electronics to be returned and many were damaged. The paper items have yet to be returned, the lawsuit argues.
The lawsuit was amended Nov. 14 on behalf of Lockhart and her business, Straightline Drywall & Acoustical. The lawsuit names Franklin, and deputies Blake Robinson and Robert Wilson.
The lawsuit says neither Lockhart, or anyone associated with her or her company ever sent or received “confidential work product of the Morgan County Sheriff's Office in connection with the blog or otherwise.”
The lawsuit also alleges that “keystroke software” was installed on Lockhart's personal computer, which was in the Straightline office. The suit says Lockhart used the computer to contribute to the blog.
The technology is capable of capturing all the activity on any computer where it is installed, the lawsuit says. It also argues no warrant was issued to allow the installation of the software. It doesn't specifically allege who installed the software, but says the defendants were able to access her “private electronics communications” by using it.
The defendants responded Friday in a motion to dismiss the lawsuit.
Barney Lovelace, the attorney for the defendants, said the search of Straightline was authorized by a Morgan County judge.
The defendants motion alleges that the search was authorized because they had information former warden Bradley had been in communication with Lockhart. And, some documents provided by Bradley to Lockhart were published on the blog.
The defendant's dismissal motion says the “unauthorized taking and disclosure of 'law enforcement sensitive documents' is currently under criminal investigation.”
The dismissal motion also contends most of the claims in the lawsuit represent “continuation of the harrassment shown by Lockhart towards defendants.”
Lovelace told WHNT News 19 that the case is early in the discovery process, with a trial at least a year away.

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