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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Franklin Claims Lockhart Crossed The Line Into a "Criminal Act"

Ah! Sheriff Franklin do you know how to spell criminal act?  You should now.  You, Bones, Bad Butt Robinson, and Justin Powell should get an Emmy Award for the "criminal acts" you have committed. We find it bazaar that Blake Robinson had Daniel stick his head outside the whistleblowers office door so that he could get a picture of him to prove to Sheriff Franklin that the mission was accomplished.

Sheriff Franklin is definitely in Spin City.  Franklin made some very specific statements during the press spinning, or conference.  To include that the Sheriffs Office and she herself has been personally attacked.  Not true Ana.  You, Bones, Blake Robinson, and Justin Powell are the targets in the Sheriff's Office because you are dirty.  This is well known by most of your subordinates, The Morgan County Sheriffs Office and most of the employees who work there are great people.  You, my dear, are a crook. Aided and abetted by Bones, Blake and Powell in your most recent escapades.

Franklin goes on to say that any allegation of criminal wrongdoing by the Sheriffs Office is false.  We encourage our readers to hold that thought.  Time will definitely tell who did what to whom.

Franklin repeats more than once that many allegations in Daniel's statement are false but she does not know which ones because she hasn't read the sworn testimony.  Hello Ana.  Are we to believe that you are clairvoyant or you must stay the course and lie your butt off to save yourself?  Or was it that when you said Daniel was lying, it was based on something you were told and you just went with it because you were immune from reading a statement yet can say they were lying?

Franklin claims that there is very little she can say about the investigation but goes on to claim that her opponents are involved and have been working on the blog for years and that they are gearing up for the next election.  Ah! Sheriff, the blog was founded in October 2015 just over a year ago.  Does it bother you that the blog has over 1,103,811 views and that anybody reading the blog knows you are as dirty as the shoes I wear to the chicken house?  You know how you get all the chicken poop in the cracks and grooves of the shoes?  Or maybe this miraculous immunity you spoke about would fix that also?

Franklin says our side has to play by the rules.  What rules were Franklin playing by when she had Daniel break in his grandmother's office to place keylogger software on the computers a week before she got a warrant to search the office?  Franklin in her statement to the Daily said she didn't have Daniel do that but if she did she has immunity.  So! How did Bones pull folded bills out of his shirt pocket during a meeting and give Ana the bills that Ana peeled off $300.00 and gave it to Daniel and placed the rest in her pocket?  Hum!

Franklin now claims that the computers went to forensic examiners, what no state forensics lab anymore?

Franklin claims that there are over 40,000 emails on one computer alone.  Is Ana dealing with as many emails as Hillary?  Ana went to a much greater extent to delete Emails but its doubtful Ana can prolong things as long as Hillary.

Franklin says she has to play by the rules.  Ever wonder why no adverse statements come up on the Morgan County Sheriffs Office Facebook?  Franklin has all negative FB statements about her removed.  Franklin has the Sally Fields syndrome.  She must be loved by all.  Franklin cannot accept criticism.

Franklin wants to protect the county, the sheriff's office, and morale.  This lie would make honest Abe roll over in his grave.  Franklin has no clue how much credible information has been collected on her.  Franklin is the cancer in this county and the lies and spins she gave the media last night about the whistleblowers, the family and her opponents will be revealed.  We wonder if Channel 19 and 48 will be interested then?  Doubt it.  I bet they are willing to follow her to jail for a story a video of her in cuffs.  Well, maybe not but they will send her cookies.  Maybe, some horse shaped Christmas Cookies!

Franklin mentions criminal computer tampering.  Franklin goes so far to define the meaning of criminal computer tampering to the press.  However, Franklin does not consider having an informant going into an office a week before a warrant is signed as computer tampering by means of coercion, but even if it is she brags I am immune to prosecution, even though she paid him for doing it.  I don't know what type of immunity shot Franklin got from Billable Barney but I don't think it works like that!
From all the spin Barney has done we wonder if he self-dosed with that immunity shot.

Franklin calls Glenda Lockhart just a little drywall person from Falkville, Alabama.  I would rather be Glenda Lockhart any day than Ana Franklin.  What I can't understand is how the press justifies Franklin's computer tampering.  Maybe they are worried that Franklin won't throw them any more bones.  That might be a good thing if she didn't since Franklin's bones may have been filled with the immune vaccine.  Don't bite into the bone people it may lead to a false sense of security.

Franklin claims Daniel was an informant just like all the other drug informants.  This statement could lead people to believe that Daniel was involved in drugs.  We challenge Franklin to take a drug test at the same time Daniel Lockhart does.  Maybe hair samples getting tested?  Oh does immunity apply there also?  Are you tired of the immunity statements?  We find it so very funny that you would even try to claim immunity.  Are you not held to a Higher Standard as law enforcement?  As someone who has a title of Sheriff who operates outside the line and scope of your duties and authority, do you have immunity?  The chances of you truthfully answering this intelligibly is as high as you take a drug test with Daniel Lockhart. Just saying!

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