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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Far and Wide

  Calls from all over the state and beyond coming in wanting to know more now!  Thank you for all the support coming in.  We are still working on trying to fix the blog so people can comment.  So very much going on and with all the media inquiries, I expect there will be much more involvement.  We will keep blogging but in many ways there is a since of relief and accomplishment as it seems our work on this blog is coming to an end with the Sheriffs Office.  Barney Lovelace says arrest are imminent.  We wonder when the arrests are made where that will leave Billable Barney?  Will he be a criminal defense attorney for his clients also?  Hopefully, some of the questions we have asked of the investigative reporters on previous blogs will soon be answered in whatever form they see fit.  If they cant be answered maybe we can see if Ana will answer them, maybe even on air?  Maybe she won't hide behind the farce of ongoing investigation or her inaccurate theory of immunity.  We know who can accurately and truthfully answer these and so many more questions we all have.  Maybe Flake Robinson will call a press conference so we can hear from him on how he plans on beating the FBI in the war he is calling on them to bring on.  We are sitting on pens and needles waiting for this to play out.  So many within the Sheriffs Office and beyond are waiting to move forward with their lives once the Sheriff's Office is eradicated of the corrupt criminal activity by Ana, Robert (Bones) Wilson, and Blake ( Flake ) Robinson.   It truly does seem Ana has some answering to do! Will she continue to hide behind the immunity farce or spin and skate out under the farce of ongoing investigation?  Does not matter as soon the arrest will happen and eventually the truth will come out with a new Sheriff at the helm.    

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