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Friday, December 16, 2016

Falling Apart

 With so much obviously in the works for Ana, Deep Pocket Billable Barney, Robert (Boney) Wilson and Blake (Flake) Robinson front and center, we have not given due diligence to some other award winning scoundrels within the Sheriffs Office.  For these 4 people the next chapter is about to begin.

  There are 3 others that have been left out of the spot light which are also worthy of mention.   Two of which were brought in and given high positions within the Sheriff's Office.   Yes, its the two best of buddies, Ron Livingston and Larry (Cowboy)Berzette's escapades which will be looked at more diligently.  No, we won't forget about the ever popular and loved Chad Smith and company either.

  Where do we start? Maybe acting Sheriff Larry Berzett in Ana's long absences, and his wife and other family members working at the Sheriffs Office.   Nah, its almost the weekend and surely these folks already know that Ana's reign is over and the undertow of the sinking ship will likely take them down, or at least out of the Sheriffs Office.  Run while you can, if you still can.  It might be in your best interest to resign?

  We have heard all the rumors and know it to be fact about the jail being understaffed.  We hear the possibility of  a new 8 hour shift with Wed. / Thur. off days working from 11 at night to 7 in the morning in C pod might be available for one or more of these people once the new powers to be take over.  Chad Smith, Larry Berzett and Ron Livingston should be at least a little familiar with how to do this job.  C pod run by the Three Stooges kind of thing?  If they need to be brought up to speed, I am sure under the guidance and direction of the Warden they can figure it out.            

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