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Friday, December 23, 2016

Extra Money Laying Around

  Many of the employees had an ongoing thing where we guessed as to when the Sheriff would reach the end.  I said Christmas many months ago.  Many thought it would be long before Christmas.  Although the writing is clearly on the wall for some of this now, it looks like I missed it also.  It appears Ana and gang are likely fortunate enough to continue enjoying their freedom through Christmas.  It appears the Christmas present most hoped for will not come on time.  Maybe it will be a New Years to remember.

  There are some very interesting Blogs about to come.  We have been sitting back waiting for the media but they are worse than snail mail about the information they have.  Not sure if others will ask questions or just come right out with it.

  I am just going to ask a few very simple questions and see how she will answer them?  Ana gets your spin going it will likely be in overdrive soon.

Where did you get the funds to pay into Title Marts?  Please don't lie about it coming from your retirement again.  Please answer truthfully!

What does the Federal Lawsuit about the use of the inmate food money in Morgan County say?

You said you did not know Steenson was a part of Title Marts prior to the $150.000.00 investment.  Can you please repeat that you did not know Steenson was involved, so we can again show how absolutely ludicrous that lie was?

Can you explain the manner in which the Sheriffs Office funds were invested concerning the $150,000.00 into Title Marts while trying to cover it up?  Who did you make the Peoples Bank bank check out to?  How much was the check to obtain the $150,000.00 bank check?

  Would you like the opportunity to steal further thunder, and to come out and explain where the rest of the money went?  If not we may come out in a timely manner with the rest of the story.    With as much information as the Bloggers are able to obtain and share with those who can make a difference, just imagine how much more information those who can make a difference can obtain!

  Ana, Bones Wilson, Blake Robinson and the rest of the gang we are giving you a great opportunity to get your spin on and reply!  Do you think there is anything other than the truth that you can come up with that we can not prove otherwise?

 $160,000 from what fund?  Then it turned into $150,000 how?  Then it went to who and what account?

  Ana, you know better than anyone what is being discussed here and what we have! We are going to turn the tables for a minute and give you a chance to respond before we come out with it all if you honestly tell your side first.  Call your press conference, or just call the media of your choice whatever, however.  You could even comment on this blog about the situations I have discussed.  We likely won't be as vague the next time we discuss this unless you truthfully respond.    

  We also know there is some news about Barney Lovelace and his involvement in all of this.  Would you like to come out with the news on this first also? Now is your chance................   To be continued!          

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