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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Excerpts From The Decatur Daily

Exerpts from the Decatur Daily, December 11, 2016, Investigation of former Morgan jail warden remains open, Blogger Comments in Blue

Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin said she does not know when a criminal investigation of former Morgan County Jail Warden Leon Bradley will be completed because of the volume of emails that have to be examined.

Blogger Comments:  Franklin raided Warden Bradley's office and home after she  illegally obtained documents by hiring and paying D. Lockhart to obtain access to the Lockhart business to search for documents provided to G. Lockhart from the Sheriff's Office.  Once Franklin received copies of hard copy documents from G. Lockhart's business and the keylogger software was installed on the computers Franklin begin to collect electronic data from the business.  The icing on the cake for Franklin came when she realized that G. Lockhart had documents on a Federal Lawsuit involving Sheriff Ana Franklin.  Franklin could tell by the compilation of information in the file that G. Lockhart was often used by the attorney as a courier and that Lockhart notarized documents for the attorney.  The file had documents that involved HIPPA information that was provided to G. Lockhart by the plaintiff against the sheriff in the Federal suit.  Franklin was desperate to stop the whistleblowers; that is why she illegally paid an informant to obtain information she could use to deceive one of the best judges in Morgan County, Alabama.  Judge Thompson.  Had Franklin conducted a preliminary inquiry into how G. Lockhart came to have the documents all of this could have been avoided and the sheriff's illegal acts could have stopped there.

Franklin also found out once she got the keylogger software in place that G. Lockhart had sent multiple documents to Agent Windham, an investigator with the State Attorney Generals Office.  Franklin also found out that three women met with Windham in Montgomery and briefed him on what they had found.  More people for Franklin to target.

Franklin, is it true that your sick morbid mind has you trying to arrest Lockhart on the anniversary of her loved ones death?  

Bradley was fired Oct. 13 for feeding sensitive information about the Sheriff’s Office to Falkville businesswoman Glenda Lockhart, who manages a blog that has been critical of Franklin, according to authorities and court filings.
Franklin said her department began an internal investigation to learn if Bradley broke any department policies, and it developed into a possible criminal case.
Blogger Comments:  Again.  Franklin paid an informant to illegally go into G. Lockhart's business and conduct a fact finding mission to obtain information so that she then could secure a legal search warrant.  Franklin, that may have been the dumbest plan you have ever concocted.
Armed with search warrants, sheriff’s deputies confiscated computers from Lockhart’s business, Straightline Drywall and Acoustical, and her home, and from Bradley’s Decatur home Oct. 5-6.
Blogger Comments:  Once Franklin gathered the information she received illegally, she lied to a judge to obtain a search warrant.  The Lockhart's home wasn't searched.  Franklin denies that she paid D. Lockhart to place the keylogger software on G. Lockhart's computer but we have a little surprise for Franklin.
“Shane witnessed J.P. (Justin Powell) giving me the thumb drive, and J.P. told me how to put it on the computers,” he said. “Shane reported what he saw to the FBI. Ana was desperate to get a hold of everything she could, like tax records and how we got paid.
“I was promised by Ana Franklin my grandmother would be left out of it.”
Blogger Comments:  Anybody that truly knows Franklin knows that if her lips are moving she is lying.
Daniel Lockhart said in his deposition that he gave his grandmother’s passwords to the Sheriff’s Office in writing. He said he gave a box of information to Wilson.
Blogger Comments:  Wilson.  Robert Bones Wilson.  Hum!  Bones Wilson has been Franklin's right hand man since she took office in January 2011.  Wilson's motto is Anything for Ana.
Edge has been instructed not to make any public comments about the matter, Falkville Police Chief Chris Free said Friday. But, Free said, Edge has denied doing anything wrong.
Blogger Comments:  Shane Edge did nothing wrong.  He witnessed Corrections Officer Justin Powell hand off keylogger software to D. Lockhart to install on G. Lockhart's computer.  The handoff was made in the Falkville Fire Department.  Edge took action and reported the desecration of the Falkville Fire Department to the appropriate authorities.  Corrections Officer Justin Powell has since been promoted to the Information Technology Specialist for the Sheriffs Office.  Franklin has a tendency to promote those who agree to do her dirty work.  Let's not leave bad butt Blake Robinson out of the picture.  Franklin needed proof that D. Lockhart completed his mission.  Robinson who is able, willing, and ready to take on the FBI at the sheriffs office steps, did a drive by of the Lockhart business and took a picture of D. Lockhart standing in the doorway to prove to Franklin that the mission was accomplished.
Free said an internal investigation is underway to determine if Edge broke any Falkville town or police policies.
Attempts to reach Powell were unsuccessful.
Blogger Comments:  Powell disgust me more than any of the other thugs.  He has a sweet little family that does not deserve this embarrassment.  Powell doesn't believe that anything will happen to him because Franklin has assured all of them that she has State Attorney General Luther Strange wrapped around her little finger. 
Franklin has said no one in her office told Daniel Lockhart to install the keystroke software or helped him learn how to install the software.
Franklin said a paid informant, such as Daniel Lockhart, is not allowed to break a law to gather information. She said it would be illegal if Lockhart installed the keystroke software on Glenda Lockhart’s computers.
Blogger Comments:  Sheriff Franklin wants us to believe that D. Lockhart broke his informant agreement with the sheriff because he did want he was ordered to do.  Franklin admits that she paid D. Lockhart to go into the business and search the office for documents, yet she wants us to believe that she drew the line at keylogger software.  BS is just about all we can say at this point.
Hartselle attorney Larry Madison said he could not speak about the Lockhart case because he doesn’t know all the facts.
Blogger Comments:  We do not know Attorney Larry Madison but it sounds like Franklin should have hired Attorney Larry Madison as the Sheriff's Office Attorney rather than Billable Barney.  We can almost bet that Attorney Madison would not have showm up for Franklin's late night meeting or daily meetings with informants.  Especially informants who are illegally paid by Sheriff Franklin to go into an office before obtaining a search warrant to collect information so she can get a legal search warrant.  Sheriff Franklin may very well go down in history as the first female sheriff in American History to be sentenced to prison for her actions.
In closing we have been told by sheriff's office informants that Sheriff Franklin made more than one mirrored copies of G. Lockhart's office computers.  The first copy was made to remove the keylogger software.  The second copy was said to have been made to provide to the computer forensics group.  Maybe that is why Franklin claims that if keylogger software was placed on the computers it would be found during forensics testing.  Franklin also forgets that they did not get all of the hard drives and a key computer that still has the keylogger software installed.  
But, he said, generally any evidence developed from information that a paid informant gathers illegally cannot be used in court.
He said evidence obtained illegally is known as “fruit of the poisonous tree” in the legal profession. The legal metaphor means that if the source (or tree), is tainted, then anything gained (the fruit) from it is also tainted.
State law defines criminal eavesdropping as a person who intentionally uses any device to eavesdrop. The definition of eavesdropping includes recording any private communication of others without their consent. Criminal eavesdropping is a Class A misdemeanor.
Installing an eavesdropping device is a Class C felony, criminal possession of an eavesdropping device is a Class A misdemeanor, and divulging information through criminal eavesdropping is a Class B misdemeanor.
A person found to have violated the federal law concerning interception and disclosure of electronic communications is subject to a fine and up to five years in prison.
Daniel Lockhart said he has had contact with the FBI, but has not specifically said why.
Excerpts from the Decatur Daily December 9, 2016
The Sheriff’s Office paid Daniel Lockhart to gather information about possible leaked documents that Glenda Lockhart was suspected of having on her computers, Franklin said.
A paid informant cannot break a law to gather information, she said.
“He was not paid to do anything illegal,” Franklin said. “He was not paid to install keystroke software on any computers. I don’t know if he did install the keystroke software. But, if he did, he did it himself. He was not instructed to.”

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