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Friday, December 23, 2016

Department of Labor, IRS and Much More

  So, we wonder if the Department of Labor would have issue with all Ana's closest folks and thugs making as much money as they did while she refuses the front line Deputies and their Supervisors any overtime?  How many hours does Bones or Robinson really work?  How many hours do they get paid?  Is there any real way to explain or justify any of that?  

  So, if it were legal to take money from the inmate food fund would that money be money that taxes would have to be paid on?  Has these taxes been paid for?  Good stuff for the IRS?  We tend to think so.  Knowing money can not be spent other than for inmate food in morgan county from that account, we doubt any taxes were paid on money taken from this account.

  More very good questions.  Wonder what the lawyer for the people Ana ran over and then tried to cover up thinks now?  We happen to know they all know about this blog.


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