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Friday, December 9, 2016

Decatur Daily Article Dated Thursday, December 8, 2016 Sheriff says she didn't tell informant to install keystroke software in whistleblower case

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Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin said Thursday that the grandson of Glenda Lockhart was not paid or instructed by anyone in her office to install keystroke software on Lockhart’s computers.
Blogger Comment:  But as the sheriff said in a previous article even if she did have Daniel install the keylogger she has immunity from prosecution.
The Sheriff’s Office paid Daniel Lockhart to gather information about possible leaked documents that Glenda Lockhart was suspected of having on her computers, Franklin said.

Blogger Comment:  Sheriff Franklin how many times are you going to change your story?
A paid informant cannot break a law to gather information, she said.

Blogger Comment:  Then why did Franklin have Daniel place the Keylogger software on the computers?  Franklin seems to think that she can commit computer tampering criminal acts and then go off into Spin City to ensure she has the public believing everything she says.  Franklin may come up with something to arrest the whistleblowers through the State Attorney since big Luther seems to be the only one talking to her.  We will just bond out and continue our blog and let the legal due process take care of the rest.  The only person who has committed computer tampering is Sheriff Franklin.  We know far more than Franklin gives us credit for.  
“He was not paid to do anything illegal,” Franklin said. “He was not paid to install keystroke software on any computers. I don’t know if he did install the keystroke software. But, if he did, he did it himself. He was not instructed to.”

Blogger Comment:  Franklin you are a liar.  Every time you open your mouth you tell another lie.  The lawsuit will prove you had the keylogger software placed on the Lockhart computers.  To show what a liar you are here is some examples of previous blogs.  You didn't take $150,000.00 from Sheriff's Office funds to invest in Greg Steenson's Title Mart Ponzi Scheme either did you?  You took those funds from your savings account and from your State Retirement Funds, didn't you?  We can't tell you how many state and county employees told us that you could not possibly withdraw those funds from State Retirement.  We encourage our readers do a little homework before they believe this lie.  In addition, a year before Franklin invested into the Title Marts she borrowed $5,000.00 from the Title Marts.  Franklin's Special Bud Greg Steenson who went to prison for cheating banks out of several million dollars in 2004 from another used car adventure even contributed to Sheriff Ana Franklin's 2014 bid for sheriff by writing her a campaign donation from none other than the Title Mart funds.
Daniel Lockhart, who lives with and formerly worked for his grandmother in Falkville, said in a sworn deposition that Justin Powell arranged for him to get the keystroke software to capture Glenda Lockhart’s computer passwords.
Daniel Lockhart said he and Powell met with Shane Edge. Edge “downloaded the keylogger, showed me how to get it on there and everything,” Lockhart said in his statement.
Powell was a jailer in the Morgan County Jail until November, when he was promoted to the position of information technology manager at the Sheriff's Office. Edge is a Falkville police officer.
Daniel Lockhart said he gave the passwords to Franklin’s office.
Daniel Lockhart, 20, also said in the deposition that he was paid $500 and promised more money from the Sheriff’s Office to install the keystroke software.

Meanwhile, attorneys for Glenda Lockhart, a Falkville business owner who also publishes the Morgan County Whistleblower blog, filed a motion Thursday opposing Franklin’s attorneys’ attempt to have her federal civil lawsuit against Franklin dismissed.
Glenda Lockhart said in the lawsuit filed in October that Franklin and other deputies violated her free speech rights, and illegally seized computers and other electronic devices from her business, Straightline Drywall Co., and her home.

Blogger Comment:  Franklin seems to forget that she wanted Daniel Lockhart to gather as much information as possible on the company business taxes and payroll because she wanted the information to destroy Lockhart's business. Is it a coincidence that a couple of weeks after the Lockhart's office was raided that their company received notice that they would be going through a Department of Labor audit?  Is it a coincidence that on the night of the raid and the day after the raid that Franklin was said to be talking about the computer that has all of the tax information and the documents that pertained to payroll.  What is next Sheriff Franklin the Internal Revenue?  Is it a coincidence that most of the current contract hard copies are nowhere to be found to assist the business with the audit?  Franklin is a wolf in sheep clothing.  A snake in the grass.   Why did the Department of Labor come into 
Also named in the lawsuit are deputies Chad Smith, Blake Robinson and Robert “Bones” Wilson.
Lockhart has said the sheriff’s actions were in retaliation for the Morgan County Whistleblower blog, which has been highly critical of Franklin and certain deputies.
Franklin has said the property seized by her office is part of an investigation to determine if former Morgan County Jail Warden Leon Bradley had leaked law enforcement information to Lockhart. Bradley was fired in October. He has not been charged with a crime.
Franklin said Thursday that a confidential informant agreement with a person spells out what an informant can and cannot do. It specifically says the informant cannot break any laws to gather information for law enforcement authorities.
The forensic examination of Glenda Lockhart’s computers could show if and when Daniel Lockhart installed keystroke software on the computers, Franklin said.
Daniel Lockhart “definitely broke his agreement” when he told his grandmother that he was a paid informant, Franklin said.
Daniel Lockhart said in his deposition that the FBI has contacted him about his dealings with the Sheriff’s Office.
Attorneys for Franklin and the others filed a motion last week to dismiss Glenda Lockhart’s lawsuit. The motion said the Sheriff’s Office did not violate any federal wiretapping law, and that the office has governmental immunity concerning other claims in the lawsuit.
Glenda Lockhart claims in the lawsuit that Franklin and the other defendants brought the case against her and Bradley as retaliation for her critical postings of the sheriff on the Whistleblower blog. Franklin denied any personal reasons for the investigation, saying it is based solely on possible criminal activity.
Glenda Lockhart’s attorneys asked in a Thursday filing in federal court that U.S. District Judge Madeline Hughes Haikala deny the Sheriff’s Office motion to dismiss the case or delay it until the criminal case is concluded.
“The evidence compiled to date indicates that (the) defendants attempt to continue to use the veil of a supposed investigation to defend themselves from unlawful actions,” Brandy M. Lee and Brice M. Johnston said in the filing.
Lee and Johnston said the case needs to go to discovery to learn the motivation behind the search warrant and affidavit used to search Glenda Lockhart’s home and business.
Trial for the lawsuit will be in January 2018, according to a scheduling order filed by Haikala on Wednesday.
A status conference is set for 11 a.m. June 22 in the federal courthouse in Birmingham. or 256-340-2438. Twitter @DD_KeithClines.

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