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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Comments Welcome! FINALLY

Ok, we have been able to fix an long ongoing issue with this blog it appears.  Please feel free to comment and now it appears anyone can.
We welcome all comments, criticism, tips, information etc. from anyone.  Foul and or threatening language will not be tolerated. We reserve the right to block or delete comment or anyone that violates this. We want this to stay as clean as possible where that is concerned.  Opinions are welcome.  Links to pertinent or related articles are welcome.  Photographs of related people are always welcome and will hopefully include an explanation, time and place they were taken.  Any other content such as non related advertisements or other spam will be deleted as discovered.

With few exceptions we will not delete any comments. There are those in positions of authority who can make a difference that we would certainly continue to cooperate with in any way if information or subject matter on this blog became to sensitive to their efforts.  
 Please understand that this has been a blog critical of the Sheriff and a limited few of her employees, business associates and partners, not the Sheriff's Office as a whole.  There are many well respected, professional law enforcement officers and corrections officers who work in the Sheriffs Office.  We hope that criticisms be targeted at the source of the problems, not the Sheriffs Office as a whole.
unfortunately, criticism and bringing to light deficiencies, fraud, waste, abuse and illegal actions is all too often the case.  It's often hard to be positive with the subject matter. We would appreciate and be thankful for any comments directed to or for the good employees and their actions.  As Bloggers we can not always do this for fear of retaliation to those employees by the Sheriff.  Many current employees are doing the right thing under incredibly adverse conditions considering the powers to be within the Sheriffs Office.  Those employees, along with many others are doing their part to ensure that those who should be held accountable are.    

Keep it clean and comment away!  Thanks in advance to your contributions to this blog.

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