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Friday, December 9, 2016

Bottom Line

This Blog is not responsible for the upcoming arrest of anyone.

This Blog cannot arrest anyone!

Those responsible for this Blog will not be directly involved with, or subject to any lawful arrest.

This Blog has brought to light the wrongdoing of numerous people.

This Blog has brought to light many wrongdoings.

This Blog IS NOT what the Sheriff, or the others mentioned in this blog, should be worried about!

This Blog is not about vengeance or spewing of lies and deceit.

This Blog is about exposing those responsible for the fraud, waste, and abuse.

This Blog is pen to paper and research that is done while blogging some and sharing all information with those who can make a difference.

This Blog has an ever-increasing number of people from all walks of life who we obtain information from and then verify before putting on the blog.

This Blog's contributors have and will continue to travel throughout this state and beyond to do research as necessary.

This Blog post or shares photograph's taken by or supplied to us.

This Blog's main focus or topic was not by any means a keylogger device or the fact the Sheriff coerced and then paid someone to install it.

This Blog was focused on primarily the Title Marts aka Performance Auto Sales,
employees and contributors who were primarily Ana Franklin, Robert (Bones) Wilson, and Blake Robinson of the Morgan County Sheriffs Office.  Also, one of Ana's ex-boyfriends Steven Ziaja and his coworker John Venegoni both of ALEA and both investors and business partners with Ana. The cousin and business partner to Ana Franklin, Greg Steenson who has been arrested for charges related to some of his involvement with Title Marts.

This Blog has far more knowledge and/or information, well beyond what is shared publicly on these and many other people with connections to Ana Franklin.  

This Blog has many contributors most of which had the highest of hopes for Ana Franklin in the beginning who still holds the title of Sheriff!

This Blog has a plethora of information on issues arising with Larry Berzett and Ron Livingston who we had not quite focused on yet.  Both brought in by Ana Franklin.

This Blog gets information on Ana being in Mobile with her newest man and wrecking the county's vehicle.  Then trying to keep it quiet.

This Blog has information on a great deal of backdoor money from other sources to specific employees like that arranged by the Sheriff to go to Chad Smith's wife in kickbacks from AT&T when the Sheriff's Office suddenly switched carriers.

This Blog certainly does not want bad for, or to disrupt the Sheriff's Office.  A great deal of the contributors are the bulk of current employees and several past employees, all loyal to the Sheriffs Office but not it's Sheriff.

This Blog has a number of other significant leads that we have either not yet followed up on or have simply passed on as tips, and/or left alone due to potential safety risk.

This Blog has obtained a great deal of information on the Rodeo, it's fundraising efforts and it proceeds as well as where some of those funds did go and where they did not go.
This Blog's ability to legally conduct research and develop sources of information reaches levels well beyond what the Sheriff likely expected or is comfortable with as we continue to discover and sometimes report what is occurring, often in almost real time.  

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