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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Blogger Contact Form Question

Blogger contact question:

why is the attorney general in Montgomery not been notified of sheriff franklin actions? I'll notify Luther strange on Morgan county.she's drinking on job and driving the county vehicle and terminates the black deputy and laugh about it.mmmmm we'll see what the capitol city says since I live here i'll keep it on the front burner.

Blogger Comment:

State Attorney General Luther Strange has been notified of what is going on in Morgan County, Alabama pertaining to Sheriff Ana Franklin.  We began sending information to the AGs office in 2014.  We also sent information to the State Ethics Board.  We sent the AG multiple documents pertaining to Sheriff Franklin.  We met with an AG investigator for the AG in Montgomery, Alabama.  You will need to contact the AG to find out why no actions were ever taken against the sheriff.  

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