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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Arrest Pending?

  As per our contacts, Sheriff Ana Franklin is still desperately trying to find a way to arrest Warden Bradley, Glenda Lockhart, and others involved with the blog.  Will she also reach out to her constituents in the county for help?  Will she reach out to the State of Alabama Sheriffs Association, which so often she boast about and which she is a committee member of?  Maybe the fact she is a committee member of the National Sheriffs Association will help her?  Maybe her alleged relationship with the State of Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange, whom she brags about having wrapped around her finger.  Sheriff Ana Franklin appears to think she is all powerful even though she has thus far been refused the warrants she seeks.  Wonder how far she thinks her power and wrath will reach?  Wonder if she thinks the clock is ticking and she has to arrest folks before she is arrested?  Maybe she still believes her boast that she will never go to jail in this state.  Maybe she believes these ongoing civil trials can be put off indefinitely. Is her goal still to silence the Whistleblowers and rid the Sheriffs Office of anyone involved?  Time will tell!  There are so many people waiting for this to end.  We all know the solution is coming, but WHEN is the million dollar question.  Wonder what the others involved like Robert (Bones) Wilson, Blake Robinson, Justin Powell, Steven Ziaja, John Venagoni, and Greg Steenson who have to know this thing is closing in fast, think about it all?

  Questions for ALEA and/or Luther Strange, as well as, The  Morgan County Bar Association: We know, through Ana's own admission, Daniel Lockhart was involved in this investigation.  He illegally gathered and delivered items to the Sheriffs Office and discussion of this was done in the presence of and with Ana and Barney Lovelace in the closed door meeting in her Office. This meeting was prior to any search warrants.  Daniel Lockhart was paid for his illegal service, as well as decieved and coerced to carry this out. Is anyone on the state level, going to investigate this?  Can an attorney who had knowledge of and participated in conversations about illegal activity also be involved in court proceedings representing any of the person(s) involved in the same?    These facts alone without the comical denial of knowledge of a keylogger device should warrant further investigation right? BTW since she denies the keylogger, and lets play her game and say this could not be proven, which one of her employees will she leave out there on their own?  I would not like to be in Justin Powell's shoes right now.  Bet she tries spin this with even more sad comedy like immunity.              

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