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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Ana's all too Familiar Spin on TV.

Ok, we have heard Ana spinning the story in her presser and read her version of reality on her Facebook…before she took it down.  We give credit to her in the interview.  Read previous blogs to be truly informed but you can see she at least cleaned up and dressed the part of Sheriff.  She is one heck of a politician without question.  From the alternate universe where she resides, she painted a very well-rehearsed and thought out picture of what has, is, and will be occurring! Too bad it absolutely is not truthful!  So many attempts to mislead folks!  I guarantee the Deputies and other employees who know the truth appreciate the fact she gave this interview.  It's now clear that Ana is stopping at nothing to deceive and manipulate the truth. Ana's attempts to spin the facts and trying to avoid the inevitable has landed her and her cronies on public opinion’s ground zero.   The people in positions to take action to eradicate the Sheriff’s Office of its illegal and unethical problems are certainly taking a proactive approach addressing these facts. Yes, all of us who are so eager to free the Sheriff’s Office from the highly unfortunate position it is currently in, what with Ana as Sheriff, have repeatedly voiced their impatience and desire for this to quickly resolve itself.  It can't happen too soon!  

Ana, why not explain who you went to in an attempt to obtain warrants which would make your witch hunt at least appear a little more legit?  Is it that you can't answer this because of an “ongoing investigation” or is it because you went to everyone you could and no one would agree to give you the warrants you were seeking?   Once again very STRANGE.  No one would play your reindeer games with you, would they? 

Ana other than your co-conspirators like Billable Barney Lovelace who sings your song or Bones Wilson who must help Ana rather than fight real crime, or maybe Blake Robinson, your knight in shining war horsey who wants to go to war with the FBI, or someone else left in any position above or below you in the scheme of things who can  help you in this preposterous scheme you are trying so desperately to pull off?  Flake, I mean Blake Robinson, are you and Ana really ready to take on the FBI in war?  The actual “ongoing investigation” is you investigating how to the get out of this mess.

Ana is it the blog and /or bloggers who are making things difficult for the Sheriff’s Office or is it you attempting to act as a Sheriff and doing all the ethically and morally incorrect, not to mention illegal, actions or is it just poor judgment. Is that causing the bloggers, your employees, the citizenry and now the media to react?  Ya think?

Yes, get on Facebook and puts on a good rodeo show and still have some of the public fooled but how many of your employees and those in a position to know what is happening, are still ready to jump up and run to the polls for you? 

Ana, are you so very desperate that you would bring up someone’s now a deceased son who suffered from mental illness to try to discredit Glenda Lockhart's motive?  LOW BLOW!  We have so many details and facts we have not shared because class and decency prevent us go to such low disrespectful levels!  Maybe, strange or big things like we loosely used before?  Jello?  After party stuff and so very much more but that’s trashy!  We have a purpose here with this blog! It’s not to intimidate anyone, it’s not to be dishonest or misleading, it’s not to talk trash, it’s not to support a particular candidate or candidates to defeat you in an election.  It IS to stand up and do the right thing. It IS to discover and publish the truth. We have and will continue.  Do you think that getting rid of Warden Bradley helped you get rid of the whistleblower?  We’re still here and our numbers are growing.  We know that has to be hard on you.  You were asked if there was a mole in the department.  You answered "yes".  That’s not entirely true as we get information coming in one way or another from MOST of your employees!  This again is because although they can’t stand up to you personally, due to your ability to fire them.  Most of the employees know how dishonest you are.

  Ana,  can you be as transparent as you promised in your campaigns and release all the many different bank account information associated with the sheriff’s office?  Maybe voluntarily agree to allow a qualified, INDEPENDENT agency to conduct a full forensic audit?  Oh, wait.  Is that involved somehow with an “ongoing investigation” somehow?  Can it somehow be related to the ongoing bankruptcy with your cousin and business partner Greg Steenson with whom you are involved in Title Marts?   Ana, can you please explain your explosive, profane rants and outbursts you made in the Sheriff’s Office about what you would do to the Sheriff’s Office to rid it of the Whistleblowers?  Is this because of the almost near real-time reaction of this blog to the happenings of the Sheriff’s Office and the fact you cannot manipulate or silence it?  We are pretty sure much of it is because we called you out as well as the other investors and business partners of Title Marts? One of them has already been arrested.  Hmmmm. Is that really just the first arrest with anything concerning or spoken about in this blog?  Steenson has that award but it's certainly not the last arrest to be made, we are sure.  Arrests speak a great deal louder than “pending criminal action" don't they?  Yet we still know arrest does not mean guilt.  He has not pleaded or otherwise admitted guilt that the Whistleblowers are aware of yet.  And by the way, in your interview, you listed all the crimes and offenses you attribute to the Whistleblowers and never once used the word “alleged”?  

We were not surprised as you spewed out all those fancy spins you failed to mention the ongoing bankruptcy that is part of the true meaning and purpose of the Title Marts disaster and a once-hot topic of this blog.  So will you please tell us again how you used your retirement to invest into Title Marts?  We all wonder how you pulled that off.  We know folks who share the same retirement and they all wonder how such a feat was accomplished to pull out funds from State Retirement to invest in your privately-owned business venture?  Do the folks from the Retirement System of Alabama know you got money from them?  You stated you got it from your retirement, will that change or be something you can’t talk about because of an ongoing investigation?

Ana, how did the computers get damaged and destroyed?  Oh, yea, an ongoing lawsuit against you.  Sorry, can’t talk about it.  So I guess we need to wait until those cases are resolved in court to get an answer?  We imagine the answer will come from a judge versus you.

We know why you could not deny paying the informant you coerced into your illegal placing of keylogger devices on a computer at the home of an office of Glenda Lockhart.  We have heard of similar activity before but cannot yet confirm it. Does the general public know?  We bet many of your employees who are not fooled by your spin also know.

  Ana, have you and your co-conspirators seen how many views this blog has?  Did you know you were wrong about who you said was in control of or responsible for the blog and for how long?  Who was Star Watch? Who was Morgan County Whistleblower? And for how long?  We wonder why you could not even get that right in your interview.  You have the TV and all we have is the blog and our chance to be heard in court and to hopefully be present and witness to the upcoming criminal trials.  Guess what?  Do you think it’s our own criminal trials I'm referring to?  We all know who's trial we are referring to.  There certainly are “ongoing criminal investigations” going on, and not all the persons conducting these investigations have been limited as what warrants they can get have they?   


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