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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Ana what happened?

  A big standoff in your county and in your home town and no showboating for the TV?  We were waiting for the rodeo queen to come riding in with a fifth of whiskey and save the day!  No Posse, no camera time, no media attention?

 From outward appearances it appears it was a multi jurisdiction cooperative effort that went off well with the suspect safely in custody.  It appears who ever was in charge is to be commended as well as all the Law Enforcement from the various agencies that came in to resolve the situation.   We are so glad that the situation was taken over by a professional agency versus Ana taking in a fifth of whiskey to have a sit down.  Congratulations, to the Priceville  Police Department, Decatur Police Department and the Deputies of the Morgan County Sheriff's Office.    Stay Safe everyone!

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