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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Ana Franklin calls a Press Confrence

Sheriff Ana Franklin is so desperate to keep the media on her side she called an urgent press conference to brief the media on the criminal investigation on Glenda Lockhart and Leon Bradley!   This is a deserate last ditch effort to spin this by Ana Franklin.  Ana Franklin has pulled all the stops to try to get warrants on Leon Bradley and or Glenda Lockhart.  She has gone to the local DA all the way to Attorney General Luther Strange and back and forth to obtain warrant(s) .  She has failed as no one would give her the warrants.  Just like it is more than doubtful she could even get a search warrant signed by our local Judges after the stunt she pulled to get the search warrant for Glenda Lockhart's office or Warden Bradley's office and home.   This is simply not true and a desperate attempt on her part to save face and somehow spin the story to be in her favor.  Please Ana realize that almost everyone who works for you and most of the general public are seeing through your spin.  This tactic can only be used so many times before everyone picks up on the deceitful game you are playing.  Just realize the jig is up already and look for some type of agreement to minimize the effects your wrong doing will have on the Sheriffs Office as a whole as well as the black eye this county is getting.  You must know by now it is all but certain you will be the first female Sheriff in the history of the United States to be removed from office.  This saddens many as we all initially had such high hopes for you as Sheriff.   We were so wrong to believe that!

WOW, you bring up deceased people and other family members of Lockhart's to try to trash them only to try to save yourself?  Ana how low will you go?  You don't think you have victimized this family enough?  This blog has spoken only of the truth and you spin and speak lies to try to hide from reality!  Do you not realize there is nothing you can do to prevent the inevitable fact the truth will come out despite all your attempts at trashing people and spinning the truth?   All way to little to late and in the end you are only adding fuel to the fire for yourself!      

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