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Sunday, December 18, 2016

#2 Story of 2016

The Decatur Daily released the top 10 stories of 2016.  Ana you and your controversy are number 2.  No Ana this is not something to be proud of.  Its not something you can spin.  We know from all of our contacts at the Sheriff's Office they are embarrassed!  I would imagine she will be #1 for 2017 as she will likely be the first female Sheriff nationwide to be removed from office.

I know we have many new readers so it's important to say again that there are many very good professional, honest and courageous employees at the Sheriffs Office. We would rather be more positive but unfortunately the subject matter can not let us always be positive.  There are several bad apples unfortunately.  We have reason to believe of the following people some will, most may go to jail, and all will likely be soon gone from the Sheriffs Office.  Some on the list will likely soon resign to avoid being moved to assignments they don't likely want, or to avoid the embarrassment of being asked to leave. Some may likely be fired by the powers soon to be, if the arrogance of those involved continue and they try to stay.

Ana Franklin
Robert Bones Wilson
Blake Robinson
Ron Livingston
Larry Berzett & his wife
Chad Smith
DeeAnn Goodwin & her husband
ALEA employees Steven Ziaja and John Venegoni, we are sure will have unresolved issue with ALEA once others are finished with them.
There may be more we are unaware of like those who impersonated Federal Agents.
At this point there are details beyond that which we have leaned and we likely won't know until the trials play out.
Time will soon tell as the clock is ticking.
Regardless, it's a very sad time for Morgan County! What a tangled web of spins, lies and deceit she has built.  There does appear to be a light at the end of the tunnel now for all those who have weathered the storm.  So very far from where most once were and what a great disappointment with most, who had the highest of hopes for Ana.      


  1. I know for a FACT you are very wrong about some you have listed. Please enlighten everyone and tell what laws these individuals broke?

  2. Have you read past entries anonymous? Maybe not all but at the least some. Although you do infact sound like "one of them" shhhhh until it's over. May I also direct you to God, the one that watches everyone? Don't be so vague, don't sound so...obvious.