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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Where is the Getaway Car Headed?

  So, if you drive the getaway car during the robbery, are you not guilty of robbery?  What about being a passenger in a car during the commission of a felony?  What if you are privy to felonious criminal activity and do nothing to stop it as a Law Enforcement Officer?   What if you are given a way to report crimes within an organization and instead of doing what is right, do nothing?  Does rank or title exclude you from this responsibility?  At this point how many people are in jeopardy of being the one(s) driving the getaway car?  Some know they have done way more than just driving the getaway car.  How many remember the oath they took?
  As things unfold in all of this and lines are being drawn in the sand, it is so very sad to see the friendships, families, and lives being so messed up by the actions of a few corrupt criminals.  Even one of the Fire Departments is running people off because of all of this.  It is sad to know that any members of the Sheriffs Office would not be and are not welcome at any place in this county.  So many families are about to  get torn apart.  Although this blog has been determined to make the corruption and criminal actions of the Sheriff and her co-conspirators known, and as the end draws near, we are not without compassion for the families that are about to be torn apart from their loved ones or those falling way out of the confines of thin blue line.  
  So very many people are ready for the inevitable to happen.  All of us are ready for things to get moving forward.  Many I am sure are saddened to know the consequence of these very poor decisions by those so many had such high hopes in.  Regardless, I can honestly and truthfully say that everyone involved in all of this has been and will continue to be in my prayers.
  To the citizens of Morgan County this Sheriffs Office is about to go through history making changes due to unbelievable criminal activity by a handful of those who are sworn to uphold the law including the Sheriff herself, some have found it hard to believe, but soon everyone who cares to know will know without a doubt what the truth is.
  However, despite what is happening the vast majority of the Sheriff Office employees are good hard working people, who in their own ways have still stood for what is right.  We certainly hope as all this happens that those who remain will have the support of the citizens of this county and beyond as has been the case in the past.  Most of the Deputies are true to their training and oaths to protect and serve, upholding all laws with honor, dedication and courage.    

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