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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Continuing Spin

Well, its been awhile since this was put out the first time! Remember this email set out by Ana? Ana Franklin what outside agencies are helping you? Who is coming to your rescue? You even told the Media about agencies assisting you and charges pending on Leon Bradley. Was this all more of the same intentional misleading information? Which employees have been questioned by any outside agencies on your behalf? NONE! Who is prosecuting or investigating anyone on your behalf concerning any of this? NO ONE! No, Steven Ziaja and friends from ALEA don't count as ALEA has said they are not involved with anything with the Morgan County Sheriffs Office at this time? Wonder what ALEA thinks about their folks being involved in all of this without ALEA's knowledge? Maybe as others finish their investigations ALEA will investigate their employees involvement. So, in this email you said you will update the employees as you can. They are likely loosing interest in being updated as there is little or no truth behind the little bit of misleading misinformation you have told anyone since then. Much like all the misleading information always put out their about your drug task force when it has always been the hard work of the enforcement division, yet as it hits the media its the drug task force and you that take the credit. So much misleading misinformation for so very long. You spin things really well but now the truth is coming out reguardless. Soon, so much more will be out there for everyone to see. Why would you mislead your employees and the citizens as to the Federal Court proceedings saying you won and it was over? When everyone goes back to the rest of this civil case in Federal Court is it still over in your mind? This first of many cases to come will be intresting. Will anyone be arrested by the conclusion of this case? We tend to think so! Wonder who that might be? We have been watching the Federal court docket and its not been removed, and it is not over. You ask in this bogus email that people cooperate fully and truthfully with any official government agency that may request their help. Well, we know of only a couple of agencies for sure that are activley involved. Its surely not the folks you had to misrepresent themselves as FBI agents. Rest assured that many of the employees and ex employees of the Sheriff's Office as well as many others have done just what you asked since way before this email came out. It certianly was not because you asked them to. Just because a few bad apples are in the Sheriffs Office does not mean the rest are not doing the right thing. We are glad to see that it seems for now at least, you are not trying to fire anyone else. This is a relief to all of us. It may be you have realized that any further actions like that will be viewed as only retaliatory by everyone involved. All the recent pep talks, going out to the community and talking, answering calls with the Deputies, and other shanagans you are doing are all way to little to late! If you truly cared for the citizens of this county and the employees of the Sheriffs Office you would load up that pretty Expidition with Robert "Bones" Wilson, Blake Robinson, Chad Smith and Justin Powell and go cooperate fully and truthfully with any official government agency that will listen to you! Maybe Billable Barney might go with you as well! Maybe acting Sheriff Berzett and his wife / chief finacial officer or wanna be Captian Ron Livingston might want to go support you in the next court proceedings in Birmingham on at least the civil case.

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