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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Warden Bradley's Seized Electronics and More

Sheriff Ana Franklin when do you plan to return Warden Bradley's cell phones, computers, and laptops?  You and your goons lied to one of the most reputable judges in Morgan County to get your hands on Bradley's computers and other electronics.  You have a tendency to seize property and then never return it.  Have you destroyed Bradley's property out of hatred and anger because you were caught in your own game?  What crimes did Bradley commit?  Let's be honest Ana.  I believe it was 2014 when you brought Larry Berzett on as a contract employee and then quickly made him a salary contractor.  Can you do that?  You prepared a job description for a Jail Administrator.  The description was written in such a manner that you Bradley could not qualify for the position.  One of the requirements of the new position was that the applicant must be APOST certified or the equivalent.  What does that mean?  You proceeded to remove all of Bradley's personnel resources and turned everything over to Brezett.  You didn't like Bradley, did you?  You didn't like Corrections Officer Hayes, did you?  You didn't like Karen Davis, did you?  You didn't like Angela Hunley, did you?  What do all of these folks have in common?  They were all people of color and we are just naming a few.

Are you prejudice Sheriff Franklin?  How many Hispanics are currently in your jail?  How many of these people have seen an interpreter?  How many of the mentally ill has been evaluated?  You nor Acting Sheriff Larry Berzett seem to care about people.  That is the difference between you and Warden Leon Bradley.  When Bradley ran the jail he respected all life.  He treated inmates humanely.  That type of behavior is totally unacceptable to you.

Sheriff Ana Franklin, you have treated your deputies, clerks, and correction officers as your personal servants.  The MCSO employees that have been sworn in took an oath to serve and protect the citizens of Morgan County, Alabama.  You have turned the MCSO into a mockery of the system.  Your employees have no respect for you.  You have successfully gotten rid of most of the long-term employees.  There is a lot of employees that are working very hard to keep the sheriff's office together until you are safely in your jail cell.  Imagine 23 hours a day in solitary confinement.  One hour a day out of your cell.  No jello shots, no horses, no pretty clothes, no more Steven Ziaja, no more cousin Greg Steenson, no more Bones Wilson, no more Blake Robinson, and no more Justin Powell. How long will good ole Charlie wait for you?

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