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Sunday, November 6, 2016

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Our readers are quickly pushing us towards 1,000,000 views.  We are now at 979,309 views.  Somebody out there cares about what we are doing.  We would say a lot of somebodies out there care about what we are doing.  How wonderful it is when the people speak and let their voices be heard.  Political crime and corruption are running rampant throughout our great country.  Be a part of the fix and not a part of the problem.  Can you imagine how difficult it will be for outside agencies to come into our little part of the world and try to collect and inventory all of the horses, horse trailers, bridals, horse blankets, pageant gowns, cowboy/cowgirl boots, embroidered cowboy hats, seized property that was never returned to the rightful  owners, and we haven't even gotten to the sheriffs office yet.  We have many many challenges facing us once Sheriff Ana Franklin and her thugs are carted off to jail.

Did you notice that the Sumpter County Sheriff had a bond set at well over $600,000.00 for the crimes he committed and he only had 10 counts?  How will Ana Franklin, Steven Ziaja, Bones Wilson, Justin Powell, Blake Robinson, and John Venegoni bond out of jail since the Performance Auto Sales is now broke and in bankruptcy court?  Oh! we forgot about Greg Steenson the mastermind of the Performance Auto Sales aka Title Marts rips off.


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