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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Election and our Politicians

  Morgan County and our country have certainly seen our divisive controversies.  On this blog many of the controversies and corruption is often revealed here.  We are often very critical and negative as we do our best to use this forum as a means to expose those for their corrupt actions to the best we can without hindering those working so hard to bring it to an end.  Its not negative people talking about unfortunate events, it is positive people talking about negative things in search of positive change.

  Those of us behind this blog come from many different backgrounds and levels of experience.  We sometimes differ in opinion on many of the things here on this blog, even though we try to limit opinions and stick to the facts.  But we come together to do our part for what is right.  Just as Hilary Clinton said in her very good concession speech moments ago.  Fighting for what is good and right is worth it.

  Here in Alabama it is more than apparent the majority of our voters won by a long shot on our new President.  Go Trump! Make America Great Again.  So much of this election was obviously about hope and hope for change.  This blog is also about hope and hope for change as we strive to do the right thing.   This blog is not about politics its about doing the right thing and doing all we can to let the facts and truth be known regardless of political correctness.

  In contrast with what we often write about, being the facts and circumstances surrounding a corrupt politician, a Sheriff with all her ethics violations, criminal activity, we want to take a few minutes to congratulate the good people who are respectable people in politics in our county and beyond.

  District Attorney Scott Anderson, we are very happy to see you and those in your office continuing to do the hard work you are doing! With all the negative things going on all around our county you and your team have served our citizens well and stayed true to the statements you made when you first took office.  It seems to be very rare that people in politics stay true to their promises and you Sir, certainly have.  Many people don't realize what you and those who work with and for you have to deal with.  We know that as this county makes history in ongoing events our DA's Office has stood tall. true and just in these times.  Congratulations, on your reelection!  You and your team are an example of how things should be done on all fronts.  This is likely why you were unopposed.

  To all the other candidates that won their elections, know that we have the highest of hope for you and your future in serving the citizens who voted for you and believed in you enough to do so.  Our country can be great again and with the cooperation of all of our elected officials there is hope.

  Sen.  Jeff Sessions was mentioned by name in the President elects speech in the early morning.  What a great thing for Alabama that this occurred.  We are very fortunate here in Alabama to have such dedicated people in place to lead us.

  As there are historic events unfolding in this country and here in Morgan County there is renewed hope for the future and what is in store for our county even as these unfortunate history making events unfold with our Sheriff's Office.

  President Donald Trump. what a night!  How long has it been since that many Americans stayed awake that long as the world watched this historical event unfold?  There are certainly uncharted waters ahead.  This President is unlike any in history, in many ways this may be exactly why he is to be our next President!  For many their is so much hope, if for no other reason the breaking free from the establishment and the corruption we all know was so deeply embedded in it.  Exciting historical times ahead and as this all unfolds it certainly seems that a greater majority of our citizens will be engaged and involved with what is happening in our country in the next 4 years at least.

  Very exciting times for many!  The American people wanted change and without doubt change is coming, especially here in our little county in North Alabama where history is also being made on a national scale as history will soon be made here.   Change is coming as is accountability for so much that has happened by a corrupt and lawless politician who thought she was above the law as Sheriff.

  Some have called for prayers! For our leaders and all of us there is nothing better than prayer in our daily lives and for our country as well as His people the world over.

  The country seems to be standing behind its traditional ways, while headed in a new direction.  Our country has a new day on so many fronts with President Donald Trump as our Commander in Chief.  In God we Trust!   Time to continue to unite and move forward in our country and our individual communities and cities.



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