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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Talking with Deputies

Many Deputies wonder why the Sheriff will not talk with them about anything going on.  It is known that she discussed things with the jail staff and others at the Sheriff's Office but not the experienced law enforcement.  Why is this?  Is it because the Deputies know the truth of what is happening and she can't spin them as easily?  Is it the fact that many of them have far more experience than her and those she brought in with her which won't be fooled as to what is going on any longer?  Is it the fact she is the High Sheriff and does not have to answer to anyone?  I bet the citizens who voted her in likely don't think that way!  

For the sake of her Deputies please know they would love to hear from Berzett, Ron Livingston, Bones Wilson, Blake Robinson, Chad Smith, Justin Powell and Ana about all this.  Is the Sheriff avoiding them because she knows she can't avoid the truth with them? Lets see how open, honest, and transparent she and these above listed people can be?  Thoroughly and honestly explaining and exploring all the issues the blog has covered without just spinning it or continuing to deny it.  How about letting the media in on it all because she did tell her voters the Sheriff's Office would be completely transparent.  

  She can't use the excuse it's an ongoing investigation because she and most others already know her attempts to get warrant(s) have been exhausted and denied.      

Explain to them why she would think she has the right to retain any seized items that most know she had or still has if it's not also been destroyed.  What crime has been committed, or what items are prohibited to possess, that would make it legal for the rightful owner to be deprived of the property?  What right does the Sheriffs Office have to destroy anything without an order from a judge to do so?  Why was key logger devices put on the computers days before any warrant was signed?  Where are these outside agencies that were going to investigate this on her behalf?  Did they also wash their hands of the Sheriff?  These are just a few of the many questions we know they have.  Why mislead the media? These are some of the same questions many others also have.   Many already know the truth and only want to know why!

We know this will never happen and that she would not and could not truthfully talk with the Deputies or anyone else for that matter. Everyone wishes that things had never come to this point but the truth is she could not truthfully and openly do this without incriminating herself and others.

It's possible the closest anyone wanting any real answers, other than what the whistleblowers provide, will have to wait and follow the upcoming court appearances. There the undeniable truth will be known.  Keep watching the blog as we will certainly update everyone with any information we can including upcoming court dates.

 So, to the Deputies be patient a little longer, you as well as all the other readers will likely have the answers you seek, even if Ana can't give you the truthful answers.    

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