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Monday, November 14, 2016

Sheriff: Off-duty Morgan corrections officer injured in accidental shooting Nov 11, 2016

An off-duty Morgan County corrections officer was transported to a local hospital for treatment of an accidental, self-inflicted gunshot wound Friday night, according to Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin.
The officer, who Franklin declined to identify, was reportedly attempting to put a personal handgun into the glove compartment of his car when the weapon discharged into his left thigh, Franklin said.
Witnesses said the officer exited his car and approached them in the parking lot of Lucky's Supermarket on Sixth Avenue asking for help.
"We were standing out here talking when a man comes up saying he had been shot," Decatur resident Shilan Fitch said. "I asked if he wanted us to take him to a hospital and he said no. I called 911 right after that."
Responders from Decatur Fire and Rescue, the Decatur Police Department, and the Morgan County Sheriff's Office arrived on the scene within moments of the call, Fitch said.
Franklin said the severity of the injury was unknown, but not believed to be life-threatening.
We're trying to figure just how he accomplished the contortions necessary to shoot himself in the left thigh while reaching to the right to get to the glove compartment.  Those of us of a certain age remember how Nixon explained an 18-minute gap in the secret tapes.  His secretary demonstrated how she had to lean w-a-a-y back in her chair and reach w-a-a-y back to 'accidentally' cause the erase.  Anything is possible.  We will update our readers as we gather additional information.

Secretary to the President

Woods was President Nixon's personal secretary, the same position she held from the time he hired her until the end of his lengthy political career.
Fiercely loyal to Nixon, Woods claimed responsibility in a 1974 grand jury testimony for inadvertently erasing up to five minutes of the 18 12 minute gap in a June 20, 1972, audio tape. Her demonstration of how this might have occurred – which depended upon her stretching to simultaneously press controls several feet apart (what the press dubbed the "Rose Mary Stretch"[5]) – was met with skepticism from those who believed the erasures, from whatever source, to be deliberate. The contents of the gap remain a mystery.[6]
She accompanied Nixon to California for a time following his resignation. Later, she returned to Washington and worked as a secretary to a Republican member of Congress on Capitol Hill.

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