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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Mentally Ill in The Morgan County Jail - How Are They Treated?

Sheriff Franklin you do not have a clinic inside your jail with 24/7 mental personnel who are there.  If you did, your next statement totally contradicts your first statement.  If you had a mental clinic in your jail, the mental health personnel in "your clinic" would be authorized to force the inmate to take their medications. They are as you said “trained mental health professionals”.  You go on to say that, if they refuse medication the next step is to go through the court system to get an assessment done.   There is a female loved one in your jail right now who is severely mentally incapacitated.  The absolute untruths and falsehoods in your statements in this article are sickening.
Or to be charitable, you simply don't what the hell you're talking about!

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