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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Sheriff Ana Franklin Claims the whistleblower is after me

Sheriff Franklin do you realize that the whistleblower never had to leave her office to gather valuable information about your activities?

Did you know that the whistleblower has no weapons other than pen and paper, or an electronic means of reporting your corruption?

Did you know that you are at least two to three sizes bigger than the whistleblower?  You shouldn't be to afraid of the whistleblower especially since you are the one carrying a weapon and hiding behind the Thin Blue Line.  All we have to hide behind is our electronic devices that get the word out on your criminal activity.

What are you really afraid of?  Going to jail?  Going to prison?  Prison food?  Prison attire?  Prison shoes?  Loss of freedom?  Bonding out of jail?  You have all these things to worry about, yet you worry about a little 120 lb woman with no weapon, no intent, and no threats against you with the exception of putting the electronic word out about your dirty deeds.

Oh! Did we mention that the whistleblower is almost 60 years old?  You are a good seven years younger than the blogger and you out weigh her by a good 120 lbs.

We can assure you we are not about violence and have never encouraged violence on our blog.  As a matter of fact we do not believe in violence of any type to include abusive corrections officers that readily taze inmates in compliance.  So! set your mind at ease none of us are violent towards anybody.  We leave that up to you.

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