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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Same Spin Different Day

  The changes are coming! Those who can make a difference are certainly working feverishly to do so!  The Media won't do their part. Wonder how much info the Media will try to get after the arrest of Ana and her thugs.  Please keep in mind that we are aware of the obvious concerning Ana, Robert ( Bones ) Wilson, Blake Robinson, and others, but we are not sure of how far reaching this is beyond that, or are we? We know there are likely others, but we are not sure of everyone or if they are above or below Ana in the scheme of things.  Other investors of Title Marts like Steven Ziaja and Venegoni are also certainly in the mix with all their actions and involvement outside what would likely be approved of by Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, ALEA whom they work for.  The outside work they have done for Ana may likely be in part their undoing, not to mention their involvement and investments into Title Marts.  The efforts of Ana to make good to her good riding friends and inability to promote Chad Smith, lead to the unsuccessful transfer of mobile data and phone service to Chad Smith's wife which was a big kickback to them through AT&T.  Then, there are all the other rodeo friends she brought in to full-time positions at the Sheriff's Office.  The Sheriff is good at controlling the Media, she was not as good at committing many crimes and getting away with it.  Ana Franklin, Bones Wilson, Blake Robinson, and Justin Powell please try to get all the many items you have that are the property of the Sheriffs Office together.  If these items are in your homes you may want to ensure that they are stored at the Sheriffs Office.  That is, of course, if you don't want the powers soon to be gaining access to your homes while you are in jail to retrieve said property.  This may be unavoidable anyway.  Ron Livingston and Larry Berzett you may want to take notice as well as we all know when she is gone you both will be, one way or another.  Since you two get along so well we are sure you can figure it out together, maybe NOT!!!!!
  The jig is up and the end is closer with each passing day!  Soon, the corruption will be out in a manner Ana and her thugs will not be able to spin even themselves enough to believe. Ana, since you say all your court cases concerning the whistleblowers are over or that you won, will you please invite the Sheriff Office employees to see first hand what happens in Federal Court in the next cases you soon have to appear on? Citizens, Media, and employees, we certainly do invite all of you, to come see for yourselves,  what will go on during these court hearings. We will make sure that all the future court appearances are well known by everyone so you all can see first hand what is going on versus the spin Ana is attempting to put on it all.  With over 10,000 daily views on many days, we know some are paying attention.  Can you please let your employees know their jobs will not be in jeopardy if they show up in these open court hearings?  I somehow doubt you will because we all know you have too much that you are trying to hide.   Daily, we learn many more things STRANGE things and more.  We will blog about more and more of these things after they are brought up in court proceedings as needed.   As for court appearances, most everyone knows who a few of us are if travel is an issue and you would like to go to future court appearances we will consider providing transportation to employees of the Sheriffs Office or their family members if needed.   Other than a few facts and circumstances to be used in court we have nothing to hide or spin about anything we have done.  Can the Sheriff be this open and transparent as she once falsely claimed she and the Sheriffs Office would be?  Many have seen first hand that the Sheriff can't be open and transparent, but we can!              

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