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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Previous Blog Booger Holler Property For Sale

Blogger Comment:  We previously blogged that Steven Ziaja had his cabin and 89.17 acres for sale near Pulaski, Tennessee.  Ziaja was trying to sell the property for $498,000.00.  Or was he?  Maybe he was boasting or outright lying about the value of the property.  The question is why?  Booger has always been the "BIG" man around Falkville bragging about being the best investigator Morgan County ever had.  Hundreds of thousands in the bank, in his safe, yep!  He is a real big man.  But! He told a fibber Mcgee about the worth of his property.  The true assessed value of the property is $185,000.  You got to want the property real bad to pay $314,000.00 over the assessed value of the property.

Humility in a person is an honor.  Especially when your loved ones passed away and left you everything.



  1. a modest or low view of one's own importance; humbleness.
    synonyms: modesty · humbleness · meekness · diffidence · unassertiveness · 

I apologize for the lack of blogging recently.  I am currently researching some reports that were provided to us from current Morgan County Sheriff's Office employees.

It takes time to research all of the data coming in.  We want to ensure that our data is accurate.

We have spoken to a lot of current and previous employees, posse members, and acquaintances in regards to the previous posts we have written.  All have said that they believe the accuracy of the Blog.  We want to maintain the current standard of our product.  To ensure accuracy we must make every attempt to validate our information.

On reader ask why we have not blogged on the outcome of the Federal debtors hearing for Performance Auto Sales that was heard last week.  We have heard very little information from the hearing.

From where I was parked the only person I noticed at the hearing that I knew was Steven Ziaja.  I did not see Franklin at all.  Ziaja immediately picked up his phone and begin communicating with someone.  He looked a little blue behind the gills.

Ziaja also put his cabin in booger holler up for sale for $498,000.00.  It was posted for less that 24 hours.  Either it was a quick sale or he realized that his FB is open to the public.

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