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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Morgan County Sheriffs Office Inmates Wandering Off

A report went out over the radio yesterday to Morgan County Deputies and Decatur PD of an escaped inmate dressed in black and white stripes.  The inmate was quickly apprehended by Morgan County deputies  who just happened to be at the Sheriff's Office for a routine staff call meeting.  The quick thinking deputies dispersed along with the Decatur PD.  The inmate was quickly apprehended by the MCSO deputies.  Good Job to all the hard working MCSO deputies and the Decatur PD.

Had the deputies not been in staff call we may have had an altogether different scenario this morning.  Sheriff Franklin and her quick thinking, fast moving desperadoes would have taken control.

I'll be home for Thanksgiving.  I slipped out the back Jack.

 Franklin would have hopped on her horse and yelled to Acting Sheriff Berzett to call Ziaja.  The best investigator Morgan County has ever seen.

Now Ana let's take our time and get this one right.  Hell! we don't need them deputies.  I have Ziaja on the way.  We get going this moving we should have that inmate back in jail by Christmas.  Do not call the press.  I say do not call the press.  If you're in jail during the next election I'll be taking over this county.

She loves me.  She really really loves me.  

Hey! Wait on me.

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