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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

More Information

We just received an overwhelming amount  of documentation.  It will take us a few days to go through the data before we begin posting information.  In the mean time one of our readers sent us a picture of Sheriff Ana Franklin.  We were surprised to see that she had her uniform on.  Have you noticed that here lately she is actually wearing a uniform instead of spandex and wife beater tee shirts.  All of Franklin's indicators are in place when she wants to impress State Representatives, the Alabama Sheriff's Association, and the National Sheriff's Association she dresses professionally.  Franklin told one of her informants that she has friends in high places that will do what she wants.  So! Who are theses friends in high places?  Billable Barney?  Alabama Sheriff's Association?  National Sheriff's Association? The State Attorney General, Luther Strange who has aspirations of being the next Governor? Or is it Governor Bentley himself?

Either Way we are not impressed by Franklin's boasting and the degree that she will go to destroy what she considers the enemy.  Stay tuned folks!   So much more to come to include further evidence of Steven Ziaja and his ALEA friends involvement in all of this.

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