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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Moran County Sheriff's Office Website and More

  The new website looks good! Kudos to whoever did it.  However, on it and on the Indeed app is new job listings.  Really?  Look at the other agencies in the area and their pay.  Private security pays as well as the Sheriff's Office.  Why would anyone come to Morgan County as a new employee for what is such low comparative pay? Especially, right now with all the corruption going on in the Sheriff's Office!

  What happened to that high dollar survey the citizens of Morgan County paid for but no one was allowed to see?  The Auburn study?  Why would you be offering new hires more money than current employees?

   Surely people remember the fuss that Ana made about money being spent prior to her taking over.  Well, with that in mind, maybe you should not be hiring anyone, buying more rodeo crap, or really messing with the budget at all, so you can leave it for whoever it might be who will be taking over.

  Maybe whoever will take over will address the pay issues and the needs of the employees over their outside business investments, personal travel itinerary, and high dollar vehicles, horse trailers and gear to travel the country playing rodeo queen on the county's dime.

  So, what really cost more a Deputy and his / her pay, or a Rodeo Queen that does not even live here, with her nation wide travels along with her family and friends from the Sheriff's Office paid for by the Sheriff's Office or better yet the tax payers?

  What about all those take home vehicles for so many people?  Does the county citizens understand that they are paying for the gas and take home vehicles for many who are not even full time employees of the Sheriff's Office?  Some are in fully marked patrol cars and have absolutely no arrest or law enforcement function more than the average citizen.   Some are valued employees who work in the jail.  Why would only a few choosen jail employees have take home cars and not others?  Why do dispatchers need take home county owned vehicles?

  Does it make sense to dress so many people up who are not Deputies to let them look like Deputies and have duty belts with weapons and yet no training as a Deputy? There is good reason why you seldom see the real Deputies in uniform in Wall Mart but often see other employees that the general public does not recognize as not being Deputies with their duty belts and uniforms.  Seems pretty dangerous!  Many gladly do it because they get to play Deputy and Ana does not care cause it makes it appear as the force is much bigger than it really is.  Let one of these folks get in a bad situation and then Ana would certainly come out and say these people knew better.  More spin stuff versus dealing with the truth.  Just because a Sheriffs Office is exempt from continuing education or training requirements does not mean that training should be all but nonexistent.

   And while on the topic of training!  I bet the gas and travel expenses of the Sheriff and her rodeo events far exceeds the total budget of training for all employees of the Sheriff's Office.  Maybe if the Sheriff was as transparent as she once said she would be, people could see what was true where this was concerned.

  These are all issues that will certainly need to be addressed when who ever takes over comes in.  With the majority of the Command Staff almost certainly gone one way or another when the Sheriff departs there will be a great deal of money saved while restructuring occurs.  I bet there is likely a little money left over in reserve that will be released by the commission when these changes happen.

  Is it true that last year the budget was $13,000,000 and it was cut to $8,000,000 even with the addition of the new jail?   If that is true is it because those who hold the purse strings realize something about the Sheriff's Office the general public does not necessarily see, at least yet anyway.              

  Oh yea, no worries as the Sheriff has been in office more in the past four weeks than in the past four years so certainly it will all be fixed with that much effort.   But then again with the fact she bought in the excellent non APOST guys in like Berzett and Livingston who play so well with others, and themselves only to make them "High Fluting Cowboys and Captains!  Why in so many years of work were they unable to even copy another agencies rules and regulations?  Oh yea, because Ana needed to spend more money and hire someone else to come in and do that because she did away with the other rules years ago when she first came in. Maybe his pay and services would have better been used tutoring the Sheriff on how a real leader runs a Law Enforcement Agency.  Too late for that!

  At least the new website looks good!  One improvement that will make it much better is a new name and picture for the Sheriff!   Enough wanna be rodeo already! Time to have a real professional well trained, well compensated,  and a well equipped Sheriffs Office made up by honorable, courageous, and proffesional Law Enforcement Officers who respect our citizens and truly Serve and Protect.        

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