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Friday, November 25, 2016

Inmate briefly escapes Morgan County Jail on Tuesday morning By Calvin Cooley For The Daily Updated Nov 24, 2016

Blogger Comments:  Sheriff Franklin can't seem to decide if the escapee from the Morgan County Jail was a "TRUE" escapee or an attempted escapee.  Sheriff Ana Franklin let us explain in words you can understand the difference in an attempted escapee and a real escapee.  An attempted escapee is one who is caught while on the premises of the jail property.  An escapee is one who makes it off the jail property and hides in a trash can in the old part of Decatur.  Reference para 4 in red.  Pitts escaped.  Now read on down to para 8 in red.  "Following the attempted escape Tuesday, he was subsequently charged with second-degree escape by Franklin's office."  Uh!  Sheriff, he escaped.  There was no attempt to escape.  The Morgan County Jail has had more than their fair share of escapees. Franklin is way too busy setting up illegal hacking software and paying off informants to worry about how a real Sheriff's Office should run.  

An inmate's Tuesday morning attempted escape from the Morgan County Jail was short-lived, according to Sheriff Ana Franklin.
After being interviewed by a Hartselle Police Department detective at the jail, Kenneth Ray Pitts was being returned to his pod when he broke free from a county corrections officer and fled the building around 10:40 a.m. Tuesday, Franklin said in a statement.
Franklin was in a meeting with several patrol deputies, criminal investigators and narcotics agents in the Jail Training Room when the escape occurred, the statement said.
Sheriff's personnel covered the areas north and west of the jail after Pitts, 18, fled on foot. He was discovered in a trash can in Old Decatur less than 30 minutes after escaping and returned to the jail.
Earlier this week, Pitts tried to escape while in Decatur police custody.
Pitts was originally arrested Sunday on charges of first-degree theft of property. A charge of third-degree escape was added for his attempt to flee Sunday. He has also been charged with third-degree burglary in Hartselle, police said.
Following the attempted escape Tuesday, he was subsequently charged with second-degree escape by Franklin's office.
Pitts' bail was revoked after his arrest by Decatur police. Bail on Tuesday's escape charge was set at $25,000.
— Calvin Cooley

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