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Wednesday, November 23, 2016


  So, we have how many folks impersonating?  Jailers who are wearing uniforms and presenting themselves as Deputies in public?  How many non-APOST people have badges that would suggest they are Deputies?  How many people have recently presented themselves as FBI Agents that clearly were impersonating a Federal Officer, who are affiliated with and working with the Sheriff?  That is still a crime, right?  How many people who are not APOST drive around in marked patrol vehicles as if they are?  How many people are authorized to carry weapons like sidearms that are not APOST?  What was the status of the employee who unfortunately recently had an accidental discharge that entered his leg while out in public? Are some of these same people given permission to carry guns, the same ones who have had their Tasers taken away?

  There are many honorable, reliable, courageous, and committed employees in the jail and on the road but when we get up to the folks like Robinson, Bones, and Ana did we just lose some of the before mentioned characteristics.  Are these folks impersonating also as if they are law-abiding people?

  Is it way past due for the Sheriffs Office to be brought back in line with being something the citizens of this county can trust and believe in?  We know the vast majority of the employees are incredible people yet those same employees also know what it is that is wrong with the Sheriffs Office.

  Doing away with all the changes, morally and criminally incorrect events and circumstances Ana and her thugs have done and continue to support is just a beginning. Here recently there is lots of talk about rules and regulations and procedures!  Can we please stop the extreme bleeding of the Sheriffs Office and stop Ana from impersonating someone capable of and qualified for such decisions.  When you commit blatant criminal actions yourself, you obviously have no business leading or making policy decisions right?

  Hang tight folks things are soon to get very real and then the Media who also is impersonating fair and balanced reporting will soon be clamoring for more information as Ana and her thugs are held accountable.

  The Sheriff's Office is certainly in need of a knowledgeable professional law enforcement leaders who are morally and ethically correct.  No more impersonators like Ana and those she promoted in some cases and brought in with her. This is the general consensus, right?  We think we know the answer to that question,  We also believe that the denial of the impersonators can no longer deny the consensus of those who know the truth, including the vast majority of the Sheriff's Office employees.

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