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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Could Morgan have a 'Big Sister?' Letter to the Editor - The Daily: Society has a phrase when they are skeptical of government. It is called look out for Big Brother.

Blogger Comments:

Dear Tim Keenum,
What you saw with Sheriff Ana Franklin's search warrants has happened to countless Morgan County Citizens.  The people are afraid to stand up for themselves in Morgan County.  Who is going to believe them?  Until recently Sheriff Ana Franklin had the entire elected officials snowed not to mention the citizens of this county.  She brought the citizens to court, she lied, people were sentenced end of story.   Nobody questioned Franklin out loud.  Who could question the sheriff?  Nobody locally.  Our country is built on trust.  Who would have thought the High Chief was a dirty rotten scoundrel?  Who would have thought it?  There have been whispers for a long time about Sheriff Franklin's conduct and behavior, being a no-show sheriff, the money being spent on posse and rodeo events but nobody would question it, that is, out loud.  Then came the blogger who sat down beside her and would not let go until the public was informed.  We have Franklin, Greg Steenson, Bones Wilson, Steven Ziaja, Blake Robinson, and Justin Powell for bringing their dirty deeds to light.  The corruption is overwhelming.  Everybody was afraid of Franklin.  She had destroyed many Morgan County citizens, not just the whistleblower and Warden Leon Bradley.  Any of the Morgan County Sheriff's Office employees will tell you that Sheriff Franklin is obsessed with the whistleblower.  I don't think the citizens have seen how dirty Franklin is yet.  
Mr. Keenum, watch your back.  By publicly criticizing Franklin, you may be next!

In closing, We fully expect Sheriff Franklin to try to find an outside agency to work with her on her dirty deeds.  She claims she has the State Attorney General, Luger Strange wrapped around her little finger.  We kinda doubt that.
That is a phrase that might be said in Morgan County, except it possibly should be Big Sister.
The two search warrants served last month by the Morgan County Sheriff's Office at Sheriff Ana Franklin's direction smell, and smell bad, at least to this citizen. You had the search of a private residence of the jail warden, who, up until that day, had an impeccable reputation as an expert in the corrections field, and a search warrant at a private business after business hours, where forced entry was made to seize the company's computers.
What makes it smell is the lack of transparency in the press. From the sheriff stating she couldn't by law discuss the investigation, then in another headline, a few days later discussing the investigation, to saying other law enforcement agencies were assisting in the investigation, but wouldn't say who those agencies are. Why?
Have any of us actually seen a law enforcement official not say what other law enforcement agencies were assisting their agency in the press? The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency said no when asked by a news publication. Why the secret? Or could it be that no one is assisting? A blog that is published on the internet that is not favorable to the sheriff is the common denominator with these search warrants.
Could it be that Sheriff Franklin used her position as sheriff to shut the blog down, the business that the blogger owned and fired an employee and searched his residence on speculation, of talking bad about the sheriff on a blog?
If it was found as reported that the warden sent official documents by email to his residence, could he not have been doing some work at home?
Time will tell us if this was as legal as the sheriff claims, but if not, Morgan County it is time to worry about the sister in government and the possible abuse of power, and in 2016 one would think that concern would no longer rear its ugly head.
It smells.
Tim Keenum

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