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Saturday, November 26, 2016


  There have been so many changes at our Sheriff's Office!  So many new people!  Now, Ana has been trying to go to work after so very long of not being there!  She is trying to change some of the ways the employees do things.  How does she think she has the knowledge or experience to do so?  Does she not realize she is unable to get away with being a criminal?  If you fail at being a successful criminal how do you think you can be successful at the much higher standard of making changes to a Sheriffs Office where the Peacemakers are charged with upholding the law.  Getting rid of anyone who did not agree with her or her thugs was one way to help make that happen.  After getting caught with all her illegal actions at and with Title Marts, she turned to truly criminal actions to do whatever it took to get rid of the Whistleblowers from the Sheriff"s Office and destroy others.  She failed at doing what she said she would do, in one of her at the time rare appearances. She failed at putting anyone in jail concerning this as she continues to try to make her employees believe she will.  As she failed to get rid of the Whistleblowers from the Sheriff's Office it seems she has slowed her role where this is concerned and stopped messing with people near as much. Could it be she is realizing finally she truly is in big trouble and Big Strange things can't even help her?  She failed to stop the changes that are coming that she has no control over.  She still fails to realize that the vast majority of the Sheriff's Office realizes how corrupt she has become with her thugs who will also soon know significant change.  Its been relatively quiet where all this is concerned for the time being.  Little difference does that make as it changes nothing.  We look forward to the would be comical spins put on it all, if it were not so miserably sad.  Ana is certainly no Hillary Clinton and although Hillary has gotten away with a great deal for a long time, we seriously doubt Ana will have the same ability to get rid of or avoid the change that is coming as long as Hillary has. Regardless, Ana does have something in common, in that soon, they both will be out of office. Hang on folks and stand tall as the changes we all seek are soon coming.  Maybe Ana and her thugs will give us all an early Christmas present and resign vs the embarrassment she would face of being the first female Sheriff in history to be removed from office in the history of our country.    Much more to come, soon we will be back in Federal Court with one of the cases Ana falsely claimed was over and that she won.  Hillary has a movie now about Benghazi 13 Hours, wonder what the movie about the corrupt Morgan County Sheriff and her thugs will be?     Changes are abundant.  We know it is stressful for all involved.  What is the definition of stress?  A persons ability to deal with change.

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