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Tuesday, November 1, 2016


   To the Valued, Honorable Employees of the Sheriff's Office,

 Okay folks here we go again.  Although many of you have heard the spin that the Sheriff has put on many of the events and occurrences that have transpired, most of us know the truth, or at least enough to know how involved this has become.  Many of you have had some Military experience and know the Federal Government gets in no hurry.  They do things on their own time.  Anyone ever hear the saying "hurry up and wait"?  They are not leaving you out high and dry!  Some of the civil side of this has already begun, but has barely scratched the surface as to what is yet to come, criminal and civil.  Things have certainly gone way to far for it to simply end and go away.

  You all have to know at this point things are happening behind the scenes to bring this to an end.  Ana's attempts to rid the Sheriff's Office of the Whistleblowers have and will continue to fail!  The Whistleblowers should be the least of her worries at this point.  We have full confidence and trust in all those who have the ability to bring about change, and who are diligently working to make things right!  Soon, everyone will know as it will all be out there for everyone to see.

  Sure, the Sheriff Ana Franklin tries to make you believe that the Whistleblower is a crazy woman. Well, how many people have assisted the whistleblowers and know they are not crazy or delusional?  We may all have our differences and do not always agree with everything we may do but that does not make any of the whistblowers, or those assisting them bad, crazy, delusional, or moreover criminal.   More importantly, how many have assisted and know the others involved in all of this, who can make a difference?  Are they crazy or delusional also?  We wonder if the Sheriff will try to spin it as to where everyone that is against her and her chosen few are being crazy or delusional?

 What about the whole spin of her saying outside agencies were being involved and asking that everyone cooperate?  Was anyone contacted by any outside agency concerning this at all on behalf of the Sheriff?  We all know as far as employees, the answer to that is NO!  Most of you know who the only outside agency that is truly involved is.  No it's certainly not ALEA as Steven Ziaja and those from that agency that were involved, were not doing so for ALEA, they did so on their own acting all John Wayne for Ana.  Wonder what ALEA thinks of that?  So, was the news interviews she has given accurate and honest?  Sure, she may have called in some favors to get people to look at some computers or figure out where to send them but we know that they were certainly tampered with before given to any outside companies.  Bet the fact she involved the Secret Service and brought them up probably burned a bridge for her. Proof of tampering by her has already been put out there in previous blogs.  No outside agencies asked anyone anything on Ana's behalf, did they?   Nope!  It is likely true that she went to outside agencies to try to prosecute someone because she is no longer able to with the prosecutors in this county. Wonder if she or Blake Robinson will ever get another warrant of any kind signed again?

  Patience everyone!  The numbers of people at the Sheriffs Office are dwindling as the place implodes and the ship sinks while those who know the truth become fed up! This is a season that will soon pass.  Stay the course as we are certain the powers to be in the near future will need all the help they can get so the Sheriff's Office can get back to being something the citizens of this county can be proud of and truly support!
  We all are becoming a part of and witness to history being made.  This is the kind of things movies are made about.  Unfortunately, right here in our county, these are the kind of things that causes doubt in so many nation wide.  In one of her all hands meetings she said we would have a big event here, that it was not a matter of if, it was when?  She also said she wanted the Deputies to be more like Fireman.  Who knew she would be at the center of the big event(s) that would lead to her own demise as Sheriff and highlight of her time as Sheriff?  The doubt a few have is quickly ending as to how incredibly wrong Ana and her thugs actions are.
  And now, on Facebook the Sheriff's Office is looking for four new Deputies.  So many other Deputies are looking for a way out, good guys and those who have stood with the Sheriff even if it means giving up law enforcement.  I bet its pretty hard to fill those spots with credible, certified, and experienced folks right now, as things are with all the corruption being what it is.  Wonder if folks the likes of best of friends Berzett and Livingston will run away in an attempt to save their skins, or will they go down with the ship also?  This is of course if they are able to escape the same fate as the other thugs in the Sheriff's Office.

  Stay patient and stay safe everyone.  Stay true and sit tight a little longer.  It will get better soon!   Sheriff Ana Franklin and those who still answer to her will not have the ability to manipulate, intimidate, or terminate employees or anyone else much longer.  It would be nice if she would just step down now versus the time and expense to the taxpayers and others it will take to remove her and her thugs from office, not to mention the National attention it is surely going to attract when for the first time a female Sheriff is removed from office.   BTW, extreme forms of denial could easily be considered delusional Ana, Berzett, Livingston, Bones, Robinson, and Chad Smith!  


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