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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Ana sighs a sign of relieve. Why?

Why is Sheriff Ana Franklin soooooo happy that President Elect Donald Trump won the election?  She believes that nobody can touch her now.  Franklin tells friends nobody will touch me now that the Republicans have won.  I have some of these political officials wrapped around my little finger.  Franklin claims Sessions and the State Attorney General are all wrapped up in her little bitty finger.  We doubt that.  Franklin why did you set about telling your most stanch follower that if Trump won your worries are over?

Just like Democratic Candidate Hillary Clinton, Sheriff Ana Franklin is corrupt, we do not believe that it matters who is President of the United States of American SHERIFF ANA FRANKLIN WILL GO DOWN.  Not her way but the people's way.  Just like Hillary.

Take a close look at Sheriff Ana Franklin's right foot.  I believe you will see what looks like a tattoo of a Sheriffs Badge?  Hopefully when she gets to prison she can get one of the inmates to help her modify the tattoo to something more appropriate for her.

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