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Monday, November 7, 2016

Ana really believes she will be around to run for sheriff 2017. Ana let it go. No more posses and rodeos. No more extravagant rodeo clothes and gear, no more boyfriends, no more bars to hit, what's a woman to do?  

Ana's World

Really Ana.  Do you really want to continue being an embarrassment to the county and the employees of the Morgan County Sheriff's Office.  Sure you have your "followers".  You even have some of the corrections officers fooled.  You just didn't get rid of the long term employees fast enough to save your butt.  What will your little support group do when you are arrested?  We think we know.  They will say Ana who?  I don't know anyone by the name of Ana.  Normally a person will have a thousand kudos and one aw s__t.  You on the other hand have a thousand aw s__t's and no kudos.  

Ana doesn't look good in stripes and she hates orange. We have submitted a request to the Dept of Corrections for pink jump suits and fuzzy slippers. Ana insist that she be served steak and chicken, no pork.

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