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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Ana - Politics - Corruption - And Another Run for Reelection

Blogger comments:  Good ole Ana is gearing up her efforts for another run for sheriff. The woman hasn't been to work on a consistent basis since being sworn in January 18, 2011.  Until just about six weeks ago Ana started showing up for work on a daily basis, then a weekly basis and the next thing you know a month goes by and she is still coming to work, and making all the rounds to be seen by the public.

Ana has been busy.  She fired Warden Leon Bradley, raided his office, and his home, and seized all of his electronic devices.  Ana got a swift kick in the gut when the Morgan County DA's recused themselves from prosecuting the case.   What was all of this about? It was about finding out who the whistleblower(s) are and shutting them down.

After the raid on Warden Bradley's office and home Ana who has been the center of attention of the  blog lied to Judge Glen Thompson to gain access to the whistleblowers office.  The raid was sloppy and destructive.  Ana didn't care, her goal was to shut the whistleblower down and destroy the person and the company.  So! Ana devises a plan.  She hired an informant to gain access to the office and residence and had the informant place hacking software on the computers on September 28.  On October 5th Ana ordered her goons to obtain a search warrant to gain access to the office of the whistleblower and seize their electronic equipment.  The search warrant came just days after the hacking software was installed on the office computer.  Ana had no intent in returning any of the equipment.  That is until she went to Federal Court.  Once she realized the informant was in attendance and was there to testify against her shady and illegal activities her attorney Billable Barney went from well we may be able to get the electronics back one day next week to being able and willing to deliver the electronic media straight to the business by 2:00 p.m. on the same day of court.  Hum!

The whistleblower said whoa!  Not so fast.  The computers will be delivered to a local attorney and then handed off to a reputable Information Technology Group.  You see! If the electronic media i.e., CPUs, thumb drives, and other media are broken and the Sheriffs Office delivered the equipment directly to the business they would have easily said the equipment was perfectly fine when we delivered it.  It would have been the company's word against the sheriffs office.  Surely a sheriff and her goons wouldn't lie, would they? You are darn right they would.  The real question is how many citizens has Ana done this to?

Now we ask you, is Sheriff Ana Franklin the person you want to call sheriff for four more years?  If so, here she goes again and we are determined to stop her.  It would be nice if the powers that be got off their butts and took action.  Unfortunately, that is now how the system works.  The wheels of justice move slowly.  We ask the hard working men and women of the Morgan County Sheriffs Office to continue holding the sheriffs office together.  We know how hard it is to use band aides to patch gaping holes but you can do it.  

Below comments are from the Morgan County Sheriff's Office Facebook Account:

I visited the Danville-Neel Senior Center to spend time with the senior citizens and address the topics of Morgan County community events and how they can and are involved. Also, we discussed how they can prevent making themselves a victim while they are out and about and especially during the holiday season. I would like to thank the Senior Center for the opportunity I had to visit them.

Image may contain: 1 person , indoor
Today I spoke as a guest to the Civitan Club of Decatur. We spoke about volunteer programs for the Morgan County jail and how these programs help to reduce crime by rehabilitation of inmates which, in turn, helps Morgan County have a safer place to live. Thank you to all the volunteers and civic organizations that work with us to help Morgan County have a safe place to live.
Morgan County Sheriff's Office's photo.

Hope West from Union Hill chose to collect stuffed animals for her service project for the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office. The animals will be given to the deputies to give to children to make a better experience out of a bad situation. We are so proud of our young people to think of others this way.

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