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Monday, November 7, 2016

Ana and Her Ethics Advise - Prayers for Presidential Election

This stuff can't be made up!  Speaking on ethics and morals on a presidential election?
We need to do so, on a much smaller scale.    Speaking of pivot points Sheriff Franklin is about to meet a pivot point of no return.  We should all be concerned about the sheriff and her thugs who have hidden behind the Thin Blue Line while committing ethics violations, falling short of moral character, and conducting criminal acts.  To name a few of Sheriff Franklin's, thugs we mention Bones Wilson, Blake Robinson, and Justin Powell.  Sheriff Ana Franklin says that we have seemingly lost our Christian Values, Morales, and Ethics. What Franklin doesn't realize is that she has become the worst of the worst.  Committing Crimes using any means she can to spin the situation in an attempt to take herself out of the negative light as long as she can.  The lack of ethics morals and lack of Christian values starts here in Morgan County.

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