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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Ana and Her Blunders

This story is bizarre about Sheriff Ana Franklin's halfway house.  Franklin used an x-inmate by the last name of Mansbridge on New Center Road to set up a halfway house for women.  Franklin’s housed approximately 13 women. The illegal halfway house was not registered with the state nor the county.  So why would Sheriff Franklin set up a non-approved halfway house?  Why would sheriff Franklin house so many woman is a small 1200 square foot house and refuse to allow the women outside when the neighbors were around?  Why would these women be required to work and turn over all their money to ex-inmate Mansbridge?  What was being done in the halfway house that caused at least two of the women to run away from the halfway house.  What would sheriff Ana Franklin stand to gain by having all the folks in a halfway house that wasn’t properly furnished.  Most of the women were forced to sleep on the floor.  The house contained only one bed.

Another informant told us the story of the farmer's daughter who was arrested for drugs.  The farmer’s daughter was fired as a teacher in Morgan County.  The farmer went to good ole Sheriff Franklin for help.  Per our sources, Franklin stayed at the farmer's daughter's home for approximately three weeks.  The informant said that during the time the sheriff stayed at the home in Fairview, Alabama, Franklin gave her 250 different types of medication to sell for $7.00 per pill.  Who was the strange man that stayed with Franklin at the Farmers daughters house that drove a black motorcycle, wore solid black, black helmet, black boots and helped Franklin take over to the house.  Our sources tell us that Franklin got mean.  Real mean and scared the farmer’s daughter away.  Our sources also told us that Franklin did come up missing for a few weeks during her first term of office.  This story is bizarre but per sources very true.

Remember Greg Steenson?  Greg Steenson is the troublesome convicted felony that Sheriff Ana Franklin, Steven Ziaja, and Bones Wilson went into business with.  Millions of dollars later with bankruptcy, and litigation on going you would think that Sheriff Ana Franklin would distance herself from Steenson.  Sheriff Franklin has come to Greg Steenson’s aide time and time again.  What draws these two people together that even billable Barney takes cash money from Sheriff Ana Franklin and turns the money over to a widow woman to keep her from having Greg Steenson arrested.

What causes Sheriff Ana Franklin to think that she can hang out with bullies, be a bully, commit criminal acts, and walk around believing that she is better than the average citizen.  We hear story after story of Sheriff Ana Franklin’s adventures.  How she looks over things and even gets involved with her criminal buddies all for the love of money.  Money is the driving force around Sheriff Ana Franklin and her thugs.  If you are favored by Franklin, she is more than willing to turn the over way.  A little padding in the pocket doesn’t hurt her feelings.

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