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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) stated in the Decatur Daily that they had no investigation ongoing

So! Why was Steven Ziaja driving an ALEA vehicle the night Straightline's office was searched looking like a Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtle?  Ziaja was there for the search and had an opportunity to speak to two lovely ladies watching the raid.

                                       Bones            Ziaja       Robinson      ?

Steven Ziaja, ALEA Investigator invested $846,000.00 in the Ponzi scheme that Greg Steenson set up.  Bones Wilson, Morgan County Sheriff's Office Drug Task Force Commander, invested $100,000.00 in the Ponzi scheme that Greg Steenson set up.  Blake Robinson, Special Victims Unit, made $38,000.00 in the Ponzi scheme that Greg Steenson set up.  And not to mention, Franklin herself invested $150,000.00 in Greg Steenson's Ponzi scheme.   In addition Steven Ziaja is Franklin's ex-boyfriend.  They both have a lot to lose.  I don't have to connect the dots for you.  This Title Mart web of corruption is obvious.

Bur wait.  There's more.  John Venogoni, an ALEA Agent (and Steven Ziaja's boss) in Chelsea, Alabama was caught following Glenda Lockhart to a coffee shop in Hartselle, Alabama.  Venogoni opened a Title Mart in Chelsea, Alabama.   The web of corruption continues to grow, all of it documented by the whistleblowers and copies of the files are safely with the appropriate investigative agencies.  If that was the purpose of the raid, they wasted their time....and some perfectly good computers.

Why are these folks following Lockhart?  They are worried.  Lockhart has shown no fear. She called Ziaja last night and left him a message letting him know she has credible sources that he was at the raid.  Don't expect an answer.  Meanwhile, we are all staying calm and carrying on, living with phone taps, surveillance, cell phone hacking, and all the other games losers play, knowing that payback is coming....

Why is it Franklin used all of these thugs to raid Lockhart's  office?  No decent deputy will do her dirty work...

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