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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Whistle Blower Leon Bradley - We Are Proud to Call Bradley One of Our Own

We want to keep whistleblower Warden Leon Bradley and his family in our thoughts and prayers.  We have learned so much about whistleblower Bradley.  He is a man of integrity, great strength, and honor.  We hear Bradley had some personal pictures and possibly personal comments on his office computer.  We can only imagine what Franklin will make of that.  Wouldn't that be something like the pot calling the kettle black.  From what we hear from current and previous posse members Franklin is pretty colorful herself.  Bradley has been in law enforcement for many years and has an outstanding reputation with his peers and co-workers throughout the years.  Whistleblower Bradley is a gentle man, soft spoken, and deliberate in his actions.  Whistleblower Bradley should wear his firing from a corrupt sheriff as a badge of honor. Whistleblower Bradley never provided any of us MCSO confidential information.  One of us asked for information from Bradley that he flatly refused to provide.  Why?  Because he is a man of integrity.  Frankly Franklin was running a corrupt office and whistleblower Bradley helped us bring the corruption to light.  Not just corruption but discrimination as well.  We have collected a lot of information from MCSO employees that Franklin cannot even begin to imagine.  Franklin did what she has a habit of doing, firing the people of color first.  The white folks she tends to force them to resign vice firing them.  Franklin has fired multiple employees that she claims are whistleblowers.  Hum! Guess we will have to wait and see how many more whistleblowers Franklin tries to take down.

We encourage all of our readers to standby for the rest of the story.  We believe you are going to hear of some very colorful activity, illegal activity, corruption, blackmail, illegal searches and seized vehicles, weapons, misuse of MCSO assets to include MCSO money, posse funds, horse trailers and other incriminating actions that are to numerous to post.

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