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Monday, October 24, 2016

Changing Times and More Questions

  Well, its been a busy day in the news for the Sheriff and others.  The Sheriff has been out answering calls with Deputies and doing who knows what and why.  It all seems way to little and way past to late.  All but a few of her closest followers and a very few people within the Sheriffs Office she has fooled, are certainly embarrassed to have her along with them.  Why get out in the county now?  Why apologize to any of the employees at this point?  She has been gone for so very long and now been at work more days in the past 3 weeks than likely the last year and a half, if not longer.  And yes of coarse a couple days of horsey play in there.  Does she not realize that the vast majority of her employees are no longer behind her?  She acts as if the oath her employees took was to serve her.  Does she really believe the people of Morgan County, the State of Alabama and beyond, still believe the crap she is saying on TV and elsewhere.  Does she and others by her side not realize they need to get the lies and deceit under control and quit contradicting themselves both in the public and in court?  Why tell a Federal Judge that computers are being processed by State Forensics and have to come back and fix those inaccurate statements?  Is someone trying to mislead someone even in that setting?  The Sheriff's games of trying to spin things have certainly backfired although in some cases she does not even realize how damaging to herself it has been.  Wonder how mislead Barney has been?
  Could it be true that one of those computers are not, were not, and will not be released to the State Forensic folks, because of time restraints, or is there something more?  Is it that the Sheriff could use and or manipulate information to get some kind of evidence for use against the Warden or Glenda Lockhart?   That kind of information does not exist.   One can only imagine what was said to the Honorable Judge which was convinced there was something that warranted a search warrant.  Could it be that the computer(s) were not turned in as one of them may have contained incriminating evidence of the Sheriff or others? No one is accusing Judge Thompson of any wrong doing, but we would hope the ability of those that filled the affidavit to obtain a search warrant, not be allowed to do so any longer.  That should likely go hand in hand with the Sheriff's inability to get a warrant of arrest already evident with the related issues.  Her ongoing attempts of witch hunting and intimidation tactics to rid herself of the Whistleblowers has not silenced anyone and only made our efforts more publicized.  Were the computers not released to the State Forensics because of information concerning inmates being used at Judge Jenifer Howell's home?  Is the fact that there is information about the ALEA agent(s) that have been working for Ana Franklin on one of these computers?  According to the news ALEA does not have an open investigation concerning this.  If ALEA does not have an open investigation, is it folks working on behalf of Luther Strange?  Who are the folks that are working for the Sheriff or Luther Strange who are misrepresenting who they are?  Does the agencies they work for know what they are doing?
  According to the story on channel 48 the actions of the Sheriff were not in retaliation against the Whistleblowers.   Is this why the Sheriff was heard yelling she did not care if she ended up with two deputies per shift on the road she  would rid the sheriffs office of anything to do with the whistleblowers?        
  Is this why so many of the employees are distancing themselves from all of this as much as they can?  There are so many that are and have been involved and they have not been forgotten about on both sides of the fence.  Why is the Sheriff passing on to her employees that she has won the case in Federal Court?  That case is not even over!
  More and more the different media outlets are getting involved.  Wonder how long before this thing goes National?  A question for our readers.  How many female sheriffs have been removed from office in this country?
  To the good and honorable Deputies and other employees, this has been a long tough road but hopefully the end of this is near and everyone will soon be able to move past this.   Thanks to all the media and to the individuals who have and continue to help get the word out.

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