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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Well! Here We Go Again. Sheriff Ana Franklin Goes to Spin City

  As all of this heats up, it is becoming more apparent every day that more and more people are realizing how significant the stories on this blog are.  Many of the things people had a hard time believing is making more sense to more people every day.  It has been hard for many to realize it is the truth vs the several spins put out there by the Sheriff.  So many had such high hopes and wanted so badly to believe the Sheriff.  And now within the Sheriff's Office there is only a handful of people who do not realize the truth of her corruption.   There are many things that will soon happen as this all begins to work itself out.  Finally, there seems to be a glimmer of hope for all the employees and the citizens who realize the truth in how corrupt this Sheriff and her cronies have become.  Can you imagine for a little while how hard it has been for the employees of the Sheriff's Office who have had to risk their careers to do the right thing while maintaining their job working for someone willing to do all the things she has done?  How many good employees have left for various reasons due to the corruption?   Due to the efforts of those behind this blog, much of the corruption is coming to light.  Over the past several weeks there has been significant criminal actions taken place by the Sheriff and those few that stay so very close and assist her. These almost unbelievable actions will soon be out there for everyone to see and would already be out there if they were not so vital to the court cases and those currently investigating the Sheriff.  The Sheriff tried to explain that she won her Federal Court Case in Birmingham where she was being sued by Glenda Lockhart and Straightline Drywall and Acoustical.  How can she consider this a win?  The case is not even close to being over!  The computers returned were all severely damaged or destroyed.  There are significant issues of computer tampering prior, during, and after the seizure of the computers from both Lockhart and Bradley.   These issues will come out in court, no matter how much the Sheriff wants to spin things and act as if this case and other pending actions are not happening.  The views on this blog have increased dramatically as well as coverage on several media outlets.  These pending cases that are alleged to be out there against Lockhart and Bradley should happen pretty soon as it is increasingly clear that the Sheriff's ability to arrest anyone may be further limited and quickly come to an abrupt end.   Although many of the statements made by the Sheriff are known to be false, she is clearly attempting to stand true to her comments made that she would rid the Sheriff's Office of the Wistleblower.  Fortunately, she is not nearly as all powerful as she believes herself to be.  The Blog will continue on as will all the information pouring in daily.  Does not matter who from her office or those from another agency who choose to misrepresent themselves, and follow the whistleblowers, it will go on regardless with the vast majority of her agency behind the blog and those working diligently to free the Sheriffs Office of those who have all but destroyed it.              
  And speaking of those who have destroyed the Sheriff's Office, the Sheriff's Office is again left short handed as she has been reported to take off to Tennessee to go play rodeo and ride horses with others supposed to be at work.  Wonder if the Berzett's, Goodwin's and Zivit are being payed while they are out of state riding?  Maybe it is considered on the job training.  To bad they left the Sheriffs Office short handed to go do all this.  Wonder if its the taxpayers gas also paying the bill?  Is it Sheriff's owned vehicles or trailers used for this endeavor?  Maybe this will be her last hoorah!

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