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Monday, October 24, 2016

The morgancountywhistleblower transfer of power

Folks, it is with deep regret that Glenda Lockhart the morgancountywhistleblower is transferring power of the blog to one of our other whistleblowers.

It is a sad day for the United States of American, the State of Alabama, and Morgan County, Alabama as a whole that we watched the Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin standing behind the blue line use her position to destroy a business, employees, and an individual for the simple purpose of finding out who the morgancountywhistleblower is and shutting her up.

The voices of the whistleblowers will remain firm and we will continue our mission.  Sheriff Ana Franklin has awoken a gentle giant.  We call our selves the morgancountywhistleblowers.  We are a proud group of citizens.  One person can make a difference.  Glenda did.

We encourage each and every one of you to take your protest to pen and paper.  We have never encouraged violence on our blog.  Many issues must be fought in a court of law.  That is what Ms. Lockhart's is focusing on.  Stand tall and do not let those who chose to intimidate you provail.

Our prayers go out to Glenda, her family, and the families of her employees working for Straightline Drywall and Acoustical.

May God Bless

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