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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Thank You Very Much for Your Support and More

We have had 156,432 views from October 2 - October 30, 2016.  We realize all of the views are not positive comments but we greatly appreciate your views.  We have found that many of the TV stations and the Decatur Daily have a hard time being fair and balanced.  It only takes a small amount of time for the media to do a little research and find out the truth. Instead of helping Franklin destroy people.  What we have seen here in Alabama is just the tip of the iceberg that plagues our country.  What matters most to the general public is generally what happens in our own little neck of the woods.  Unfortunately, we do not always want to get involved because it does not impact us personally.  You sure don't want what happened to Leon Bradley and Glenda Lockhart to happen to you, do you?  What if what happened to them is for the greater good of Morgan County and the State of Alabama? What if their sacrifice of privacy, loss of jobs, and business stops a small portion of corruption, would you be willing to risk everything to make a difference?  We hope the answer to these questions is yes. 

We are stanch believers in keeping up with current events.  It is evident that many of the politicians nation wide are corrupt and have made millions of off taxpayers and gotten involved with pay for play with foreign entities.  Who suffers?  We do.  Our nation's Capital and our U.S. State Department should not be up for sale to foreign governments and entities.  We believe that the FBI Director Comey is a guy to respect.  Additional evidence surfaced that reflected that a politician Hilary Clinton and her staff lied about emails and most likely much more.  Director Comey did the right thing.  He reopened the investigation and will pursue it to the end.  Did you notice how quickly Hilary Clinton traveled to Spin City.  Comey was one of the best persons Hilary every met until Director Comey opened a new investigation.  She quickly went to the media calling Comey out.  Sound familiar?  Since Comey opened the new investigation the spin starts here.  In keeping up with the current events around the nation we have concluded that the only difference between Hilary Clinton and Ana Franklin is that Clinton is a Democrat and Franklin is a Republican.  Hilary Clinton should be treated just like any other citizen of the United States of America during an investigation.  It should not matter to any of our representatives in the State of Alabama or the U.S. as a whole which affiliation a candidate or a politician holds when reviewing a case of massive fraud, waste, and abuse, abuse of power, dereliction of duty, failure to supervise inmates, allowing inmates to bring illegal drugs into the jail via electronic cigarettes, and the list goes on and on.  Sheriff Ana Franklin's actions sounds similar to the Sumter County Sheriff Tyrone Clark, Sr.  Sheriff Ana Franklin's only hope is that she goes back into Spin City and makes a lot of people believe she is just a sweet little southern gal who has been totally misunderstood.   

WBRC Fox News 6 Report

Impeachment trial of Sumter County Sheriff begins Monday

Sumter County Sheriff Tyrone Clark, Sr. (Source: Sumter County Sheriff's Office website)
Sumter County Sheriff Tyrone Clark, Sr. (Source: Sumter County Sheriff's Office website)

The Alabama Supreme Court is scheduled to hear the impeachment trial of Sumter County Sheriff Tyrone Clark, Sr., Monday at 9 a.m. in Montgomery.

Clark is charged with willful neglect of duty and corruption in office. The charges against him involve accusations that he allowed inmates to leave the jail unsupervised, bring contraband into the jail and have sex with visitors.

If Clark is found guilty, he will be removed from office. However, these are not criminal proceedings. According to the Alabama Attorney General’s Office, any criminal proceedings must be brought separately.

The allegations arose after the FBI and state officials converged on the Sumter County Jail in March. In April, a Sumter County grand jury issued a report of impeachment, and State Attorney General Luther Strange initiated impeachment proceedings in June.

After the FBI came to the jail in March, Sheriff Clark spoke with WBRC. At the time, he confirmed to WBRC that it was drugs inside the county jail that brought authorities there. However, Clark said his office had nothing to hide and any accusations against his office were false. He said his office was not involved with the sale of drugs and had not done anything inappropriate.
The Attorney General’s office says the case centers around trustee inmate Rodney Coats. They say he was in jail on a handful of charges but was allowed to leave and return with drugs and other contraband.
Prosecutors also say Sheriff Clark let other inmates leave for unsupervised jobs like selling watermelons. Clark would then in turn receive a cut of their pay according to court documents.
We spoke with Clark at the time of the raid. He denied any wrongdoing.
“Anybody who knows my nature or my character, they know the kind of person I am and what I stand for. So these false accusations against my office is totally false,” Clark said.
According to the Attorney General’s Office, the report of impeachment charges Clark with willful neglect of duty, specifying nine alleged violations, and with corruption in office, specifying three alleged violations.

The allegations of willful neglect of duty include:
  • Willfully neglecting his duty to secure and supervise inmates under his custody, by making an inmate, who had an extensive criminal history for drug-related offenses, an inmate trustee, allowing him to freely move about the jail and administration buildings and to leave the jail, sometimes without law enforcement supervision
  • Willfully neglecting his duty to prevent the introduction of contraband into the jail and supervise the inmates housed there, by aiding the inmate trustee in bringing in contraband such as controlled substances, cell phones and cigarettes, ordering officers not to search him when he would return to the jail, and arranging for him to be free from oversight
  • Willfully neglecting his duty to supervise inmates and prevent them from possessing a deadly weapon, by allowing the inmate trustee to have access to firearms
  • Willfully neglecting his duty to preserve the process by which prisoners are committed to jail, by allowing the inmate trustee to process prisoners
  • Willfully neglecting his duty to maintain custody of another inmate, allowing a criminal convicted of a violent offense to leave the jail for extended periods
  • Willfully neglecting his duty to maintain custody of a third inmate by failing to swear out an arrest warrant, apprehend or arrest the inmate after he escaped from the jail
  • Willfully neglecting his duty to supervise inmates and secure the jail by giving the inmate trustee access to an unsecured room in which he had sexual intercourse with female visitors who were not searched or monitored
  • Willfully neglecting his duty to supervise inmates and secure the jail by providing an environment that allowed the trustee inmate to engage in second-degree human trafficking
  • Willfully neglecting his duty to properly appoint and supervise deputies by appointing a deputy sheriff who was allowed to patrol on his own but who had not been certified as a law enforcement officer
The allegations of corruption in office include:
  • Using his official position to benefit himself by employing inmates to work at his personal home
  • Using his official position to benefit himself by operating an undocumented work release program in which inmates worked for individuals or businesses on the condition that a portion of their wages be paid to the sheriff
  • While serving in his official capacity, attempting to use his position to coerce a female employee into having sexual intercourse with him.
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