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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Suppose They Gave A Rodeo.....

....and Ana didn't come.  Folks, this is astounding!  Not that she was a 'no show'; that's the story of her professional life.  But AWOL from a rodeo?  Stop the presses!  That's news.  She is attracted, maybe addicted, to rodeos.  What's not to like?  There's the perfume of horsesh!t and sweaty bodies.  All those young handsome cowboys.  They don't have enough money for a long term relationship but for a one-night stand?  Perfect.  And most of all, how about all those potential voters?

That's what is so puzzling.  What could possibly cause her to miss her second favorite passtime?  Must be serious, concerning money maybe (with her that's a safe bet), or getting out of state to avoid a hearing (she's done that before), or worse (a long, legal list of worse's).  Or simply Charlie's charms.
This is cause for a major investigation.  OK, whistleblowers, let's have your ideas.

Oh, before we forget.  Her first favorite passtime?  Collecting sugar daddies, but only one at a time.

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