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Monday, October 31, 2016

Sheriff Ana Franklin's Shake Down

There once was a time that the Morgan County, Alabama Sheriff's Office was proud agency.  The employees was treated fairly.  There were enough employees to support the mission of the sheriff's office but along came a selfish, greedy, money hungry thief  who took resources and used them as if they belonged to her and not the sheriff's office.  Yes! We are speaking of Sheriff Ana Franklin.  The personnel resources are at an all time low. The corrections officers and inmates are placed in dangerous situations on a 24X7 basis. The proud road deputies are short handed and all of the employees has been told that she will fire any one of them who speaks to the whistleblower.  She has been true to her word. We cannot count the numbers of employees that Franklin has pushed out the door because of her belief that they spoke and shared data with the whistleblower.  Quite frankly, Ana many of them did.  Remember when you  thought you may get arrested for hiring your criminal son in law who was in jail on his first day of duty?  Remember when you had boxes and boxes of sheriff's office data moved to personal vehicles?  What if we told you a lot of that information wasn't returned?  Sad that you can't fire those employees because you already did.  You may have committed a crime when you had your employees remove evidence from your office.  You did have boxes of documents removed from your office didn't you Ana?

Back to the employees.  In times past the employees could expect banquets and activities. Now the tide has turned.

Now we have this.  Enjoy your meal Ana.

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